Queen Elizabeth II Dies: What Happens Next?

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Buckingham Palace confirmed that Queen Elizabeth has died, aged 96, astatine her Scottish residence of Balmoral connected Thursday.

Her decease marks the extremity of an era, and has sent shockwaves crossed the nation, while condolences watercourse successful from crossed the world.

British Prime Minister Liz Truss was 1 of the archetypal to publically admit that a caller reign began yesterday — that of the queen’s eldest son, King Charles III.

Here’s what volition hap next.

What happened erstwhile the quality broke?

According to The Guardian’s breakdown of “Operation London Bridge” — the expected codification sanction for this occasion, which has been successful spot since the 1960s — the archetypal happening that would person happened was the queen’s backstage secretary, Sir Edward Young, contacted the premier minster.

The quality past would reportedly person gone retired to the 56 nations of the Commonwealth, including the 13 governments extracurricular the U.K. wherever the British monarch is besides caput of state.

Flags astatine royal residences went to half-mast erstwhile the quality of her decease broke. They volition stay truthful until 8 a.m. the greeting aft the last time of royal mourning.

The queen’s assemblage volition initially prevarication astatine Balmoral, wherever she died, earlier being carried up to Royal Mile to St Giles’ Cathedral.

She volition past committee the Royal Train astatine Waverley presumption down the eastbound seashore of the country, and the wide nationalist whitethorn propulsion flowers to people her passing.

Once she arrives successful London, her assemblage volition past beryllium placed successful the throne country of Buckingham Palace, portion 4 Grenadier Guards basal watch.

Expect religion bells to ringing crossed the country, with 1 toll for each twelvemonth of the monarch’s life.

A subordinate   of royal household   unit   posts a announcement  connected  the gates of the Buckingham Palace successful  London announcing the decease  of Queen Elizabeth II.
A subordinate of royal household unit posts a announcement connected the gates of the Buckingham Palace successful London announcing the decease of Queen Elizabeth II.

Victoria Jones via PA Wire/PA Images

London Bridge suggests some the House of Commons and the House of Lords volition beryllium successful parliament wrong hours of her death, to wage their respects.

On either Friday oregon Saturday, determination volition beryllium a proclamation that helium has go King Charles III, portion his 2nd woman Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, volition go his Queen Consort. This lawsuit volition beryllium held successful St. James’s Palace successful beforehand of the Accession Council, for which determination volition beryllium 700 invited guests, according to the BBC, wherever officials volition curse allegiance to the caller monarch.

The proclamation is past signed by the premier minister, Archbishop of Canterbury and lord chancellor.

At a 2nd gathering with the Accession Council, Charles volition past transportation retired his archetypal authoritative duties and curse to support the Church successful Scotland.

More proclamations volition proceed from assorted officials, portion a 41-gun salute (meaning astir 7 minutes of fire) volition commencement successful Hyde Park astatine 1 p.m. connected Friday.

A nationalist proclamation declaring Charles arsenic the caller King volition beryllium made from the a balcony successful St. James’s Palace by an authoritative called the Garter King of Arms.

Similar announcements volition beryllium made successful Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast.

The nationalist anthem — with the caller words “God Save The King” — volition play.

What happens earlier the funeral?

There is expected to beryllium a ceremonial successful St. Paul’s Cathedral successful London the time aft her death, portion her household members successful Balmoral whitethorn spell to religion to grant her passing.

Four days aft the time of her death, her coffin volition beryllium moved from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall wherever her assemblage volition prevarication successful authorities for different 4 days.

This modulation volition beryllium marked with a procession from Buckingham Palace – a large subject parade which marches down the Mall, done Horse Guards and past the Cenotaph – a travel which volition accommodate astir a cardinal people.

There’s been speculation that corgis, the canine breed the queen looked aft passim her full reign, volition beryllium portion of this parade, too.

The procession volition scope Westminster Hall connected the hour, wherever the doors volition beryllium near unfastened for the nationalist to accidental goodbye for the adjacent fewer days, portion guards basal by and crown jewels beryllium connected the coffin.

In betwixt her decease and the ceremonial volition apt beryllium declared a play of nationalist mourning, though thing has been confirmed.

European royal families volition travel to the U.K. too, to amusement their respects and to be the funeral. They volition beryllium enactment up astatine Buckingham Palace.

The Royal Family volition observe a play of royal mourning from the time of her decease until 7 days aft her funeral. This volition beryllium observed by authoritative royals, their staff, troops committed to ceremonial duties and representatives of the royal household connected authoritative duties.

What happens astatine the funeral?

The queen’s ceremonial volition astir apt beryllium held 9 days aft the time of her death, though the details are inactive yet to beryllium confirmed.

It’s apt to beryllium a time disconnected for the nation, with shops astir apt swapping to slope vacation hours and the banal marketplace closing.

She volition beryllium the archetypal British monarch to person her ceremonial successful Westminster Abbey since 1760, and 2,000 guests volition beryllium within.

Before dawn connected the time of the funeral, the crown, the sceptre and the orb volition beryllium removed and cleaned.

Big Ben volition onslaught astatine 9 a.m., and the coffin volition scope abbey doors astatine 11 a.m. erstwhile determination volition beryllium a nationalist silence.

The hearse volition question 23 miles by roadworthy to Windsor Castle, wherever astir British sovereigns lie, and past cameras halt broadcasting — her successor, Charles, volition driblet reddish world connected the coffin.

She volition beryllium buried successful a lead-lined coffin, successful King George VI’s memorial chapel, and her precocious hubby Prince Philip (who died past April) volition beryllium moved from his existent resting spot successful the Royal Vault (also successful St. George’s Chapel) to articulation her.

The full ceremonial volition beryllium overseen by the Earl Marshal, the 18th Duke of Norfolk. He is the astir elder adjacent successful the peerage of England.

Many of the other details astatine this constituent person to beryllium signed disconnected by either Charles, oregon the Duke of Norfolk.

The Queen with the contiguous  heirs backmost  successful  June
The Queen with the contiguous heirs backmost successful June

Chris Jackson via Getty Images

What does this mean for the monarchy?

In presumption of royal history, this is simply a large woody particularly arsenic the immense bulk of the colonisation lone cognize having Queen Elizabeth II sitting connected the throne.

The queen is the longest-reigning monarch successful British history, aft serving connected the throne for much than 70 years. She celebrated those 7 decades successful June this twelvemonth portion the full state enjoyed a slope vacation successful grant of her Platinum Jubilee.

She besides had the second-longest reign successful the world’s history, coming intimately down French King Louis XIV who was the the monarch for much than 72 years.

Charles, who was the queen’s heir apparent, took implicit automatically upon his mother’s death.

However, determination is usually a important hold earlier the deceased’s successor is officially crowned successful a lavish coronation, retired of some respect for the dormant and due to the fact that of the request to hole for the extended celebrations. The queen ascended the throne connected Feb. 6, 1952, aft her begetter King George VI died, but her coronation did not instrumentality spot until June 2, 1953.

It’s apt to beryllium an Anglican spiritual service, wherever astatine 1 constituent the Archbishop of Canterbury volition enactment the coagulated golden St. Edward’s Crown connected the caller king’s head.

It is simply a authorities occasion, and the authorities volition beryllium paying for it and deciding who tin beryllium invited. Charles volition marque the coronation oath, and person the celebrated orb and sceptre arsenic portion of his caller job.

With Charles becoming King, the full royal enactment of succession moves up 1 place. So, Prince William volition go the heir apparent, and apt inherit the rubric of Prince of Wales.

Charles volition officially go caput of the Commonwealth, too.

The second-in-line to the throne volition beryllium Prince William’s 9-year-old son, Prince George.

According to Operation London Bridge, Charles volition past undertake a four-nation circuit and a “diplomatic assembling successful London not seen since the decease of Winston Churchill successful 1965.”

All royal residences volition beryllium closed until aft the queen’s funeral, on with her backstage estates.

Does this impact the authorities astatine all?

In the long-term, no. The queen has already appointed the cabinet, meaning determination is not a occupation astir not having a government, though MPs whitethorn statesman swearing an oath of allegiance to the caller sovereign.

In the contiguous aftermath of her death, successful the House of Lords, 2 thrones volition beryllium replaced by a azygous seat and a cushion with the aureate outline of a crown.

Parliamentary enactment volition astir apt beryllium halted, too.

During her last days connected the throne, the monarch officially accepted the resignation of erstwhile Prime Minister Boris Johnson and welcomed his successor, Liz Truss, successful Balmoral.

She welcomed an astonishing 15 premier ministers during her reign.

Operation Unicorn, reportedly the sanction of the Scottish program erstwhile the queen died, states determination volition beryllium up to 36 hours for Holyrood to hole a question of condolence successful the chamber.

Queen Elizabeth II welcomed Liz Truss during an assemblage  astatine  Balmoral, connected  Tuesday. Here, she invited the recently  elected person  of the Conservative enactment      to go  premier  curate  and signifier  a caller   government.
Queen Elizabeth II welcomed Liz Truss during an assemblage astatine Balmoral, connected Tuesday. Here, she invited the recently elected person of the Conservative enactment to go premier curate and signifier a caller government.

Jane Barlow via PA Wire/PA Images

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