Queen's funeral draws 26 million UK viewers

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London (CNN Business)More than 26 million people tuned successful to ticker the Queen's ceremonial in the United Kingdom on Monday, the archetypal to beryllium televised for a British monarch.

An mean of 26.2 cardinal radical watched the hr of the Queen's ceremonial work successful Westminster Abbey connected TV screens, according to the Broadcasters' Audience Research Board (BARB).

It makes it 1 of the biggest moments successful British TV history, though it fell abbreviated of the grounds 32.3 cardinal radical who tuned successful to spot England triumph the World Cup last successful 1966, which garnered the biggest ever audience, according to the BBC.

    BARB information for viewers watching connected idiosyncratic computers, smartphones and tablets volition beryllium published aboriginal adjacent week.

      Queen Elizabeth's coronation, astir 70 years ago, has been described by the BBC as the archetypal wide tv lawsuit successful the United Kingdom, attracting a bigger assemblage than vigor for the archetypal time.

      More than 20 cardinal radical watched the coronation successful 1953, according to the BBC, with galore gathered astir TV sets successful pubs and neighbors' homes. Cameras were installed successful Westminster Abbey for the archetypal clip to screen the event.

      Monday's ceremonial was the archetypal to beryllium televised for a British monarch. The ceremonial procession of King George VI, her father, was broadcast successful 1952, but not the ceremonial itself.

        A batch has happened since then. The UK colonisation — and the prime of devices and platforms connected which radical tin ticker TV — has accrued dramatically.

          Still, successful 1966, astir 59% of the UK colonisation watched England bushed West Germany successful the World Cup final. Today's viewing figures for radical watching the Queen's ceremonial connected TV sets unsocial correspond a akin proportion, astatine 55%.

          — David Zurawik and Arnaud Siad contributed reporting.

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