Questions surround video of unconscious student

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - When Tocarro Brooks archetypal saw the video of her 14-year-old girl lying unconscious connected the level of a Metro school, proceeding students laughing and different voices crying out, she felt her pulse rise.

“Oh my God, my bosom was racing,” Brooks told WSMV4 Investigates.

Witness reports obtained by WSMV4 Investigates uncover conflicting accounts by the unit of however the pupil was injured.

When Brooks says she got the telephone connected April 27th, she said a unit subordinate reached retired to archer her that her girl was injured astatine Jere Baxter Middle School and needed to travel quickly.

By the clip she arrived, Brooks had said her girl had a immense knot connected her forehead and had been unconscious connected the floor.

“She had a terrible concussion, and she goes to the doc each different week now,” Brook said. She has migraines each day.”

Brooks said her girl remembers thing astir the incidental that day.

Cell telephone video recorded aft her wounded shows the miss lying unconscious connected the floor, with students laughing and yelling astir her, crying out, “Dead man!”

“And I got 2 antithetic stories from 2 antithetic officials astatine the school,” Brook said. “All (Brooks’ daughter) knew is that she heard the miss was choking her.”

That choking assertion is mentioned by not 1 but 2 antithetic unit witnesses.

One reported that a pupil had been horseplaying with Brooks’ daughter, grabbed the miss astir the neck, and began to choke her.

That staffer said erstwhile Brooks’ girl pulled away, she fell to the floor.

A 2nd witnesser wrote that Brooks’ girl was trying to get retired of what seemed to beryllium a chokehold.

But reports from the school’s principals and Dean of Students archer antithetic stories.

Both mention information video that showed a “friend” had her limb astir Brooks’ daughter’s neck, that the video shows “no observable signs of distress,” and that Brooks’ girl mislaid her equilibrium and fell to the ground.

“(I) inactive don’t cognize who told the truth,” Brooks said.

A spokesperson for Metro Schools wrote successful an email to WSMV4 Investigates, “I don’t spot immoderate grounds of conflicting reports…investigations request to instrumentality aggregate pieces of grounds to find discourse and make a much implicit picture.”

Brooks said astatine the clip of the incident, she asked to spot the surveillance video but was told due to the fact that it contained different juveniles, she couldn’t spot it.

When Brooks asked WSMV4 to investigate, we past asked Metro Schools if Brooks could spot the video to clarify what happened.

But we were told that the video had already been erased from the strategy erstwhile we made that request.

Brooks initially wrote WSMV4 Investigates astir the incidental successful the outpouring but wanted to hold for an interview, hoping she could get answers done the superintendent of metro schools.

When Brooks said she couldn’t get the video and inactive didn’t get answers, she wanted to talk astir it.

According to the Metro School spokesman, the different pupil progressive successful the incidental was punished, but helium could not elaborate connected that punishment.

We asked Metro Schools for an interrogation to inquire astir the conflicting reports, but they declined.

The Metro Schools spokesperson said each the explanations for the incidental were relayed to Brooks, but she denies that claim.

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