Quinta Brunson had to step over Jimmy Kimmel to accept her Emmy

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(CNN)Quinta Brunson brought the assemblage to its feet erstwhile she won her archetypal Emmy -- but astatine her feet during the infinitesimal was Jimmy Kimmel, who pretended to beryllium unconscious and stayed connected the level portion she accepted her grant arsenic portion of an intended gag that ended up miffing immoderate viewers.

Kimmel presented the grant for outstanding penning for a drama bid with Will Arnett, who dragged Kimmel connected signifier and joked that Kimmel "got into the skinny margaritas" astatine the theater's barroom aft losing successful an earlier category.

After the "Abbott Elementary" creator and prima was announced arsenic victor for penning the aviator of the fashionable sitcom, Kimmel stayed connected the crushed astatine the basal of the microphone stand. He remained determination passim Brunson's acceptance code and into the commercialized break, astir 2 minutes successful total.

    Footage shared by a ceremonial attendee showed that Arnett pulled Kimmel's assemblage offstage astatine the extremity of the segment.

      Brunson, unfazed, utilized her constricted clip to convey the "Abbott Elementary" team, her household and her husband, but not without a excavation astatine Kimmel: "Jimmy, aftermath up. I won!"

      Kimmel remained retired of the camera's framework for the duration of Brunson's speech, which lasted astir 1 minute.

      Later backstage, Brunson addressed the moment, saying the spot "didn't fuss maine that much," adding that Kimmel was an aboriginal protagonist of her and "Abbott Elementary."

        "Tomorrow possibly I'll beryllium huffy astatine him. I'm going to beryllium connected his amusement connected Wednesday, truthful I mightiness punch him successful the face," she joked.

        'Succession' and 'Ted Lasso' reign, portion    'The White Lotus' cleans up   astatine  the Emmys

        It would beryllium the last clip Brunson would look onstage Monday. "Ted Lasso" won implicit "Abbott Elementary" successful the outstanding drama category, its 2nd triumph successful arsenic galore years.

        Though Brunson's triumph was wide celebrated -- "Abbott Elementary" is simply a monolithic hit, ABC's most palmy comedy successful years -- galore viewers chided Kimmel for not ceding the spotlight, peculiarly to a Black pistillate accepting her archetypal Emmy. (Kimmel, meanwhile, has been nominated for 18 Emmys and won 2 since 2012.)

        Sociologist Nancy Wang Yuen, who studies contention successful the amusement industry, congratulated Brunson for "Abbott Elementary," whose formed is chiefly Black and takes spot successful an underfunded Philadelphia nationalist school. But she didn't deliberation overmuch of Kimmel's joke: "And presenter Jimmy Kimmel, get up, it's unfunny and rude," Yuen tweeted.

          Ernest Owens, editor-at-large astatine Philadelphia Magazine, said helium was irked by Kimmel, whom helium said was "trying to instrumentality attraction away" from Brunson's win.

          Brunson, meanwhile, volition instrumentality with the anticipated 2nd play of "Abbott Elementary" connected September 21.

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