Race car driver dies following 200 MPH crash

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KENOSHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A tragic clang astatine the Great Lakes Dragaway implicit the play took the beingness of 1 of the astir well-known contention car drivers there. 

Chuck Weck was 66 years old.

This is simply a daze and a immense nonaccomplishment for family, friends and the greater racing community, not lone due to the fact that of Chuck Weck's skills, but much truthful due to the fact that helium was a precise benignant man.

Chuck Weck's girl says his racing group, The Chicago Wise Guys, and racing friends were his 2nd family. The emotion was mutual.

"He'd ever spell retired of his mode to marque it easier for you. He was the 'take the garment disconnected my back' benignant of feline too," said Steve Malek, Chicago Wise Guys driver.

Steve Malek was astatine the contention Saturday. He and Weck listened to the National Anthem together.

"And I'll ne'er forget, helium says to me, 'be safe, bud.' I said 'thanks, Chuck, aforesaid to you,' and that volition beryllium the past clip I'll speech to him," said Malek.

Ten minutes aboriginal Weck's precocious exemplary Corvette resistance car deed a factual partition astatine 200 miles an hour.

"You're proceeding everything going connected and conscionable proceeding the announcer denote Chuck Weck's crashed into the wall. Give america a minute, guys. And seeing each the aesculapian exigency unit moving connected Chuck and trying to bash everything they could to prevention him was beauteous tough, not gonna lie, it was the hardest happening I've ever seen," said Malek.

At 66, Weck had been portion of the Chicago Wise Guys longer than most. He was a mentor to galore and erstwhile this happened, they each came together.

"As galore arsenic the chap racers that could sneak down determination to, we were praying, we were talking to him, telling him 'come connected Chuck, it's each right, bud,'" said Malek.

Family tells america they program to scatter Weck's ashes astatine the racetrack. He told them if thing ever happened to him, that's what helium wanted.

Funeral arrangements are pending.

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