Radio personalities: Social media pages hacked

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CHICAGO (WLS) -- Popular Chicago vigor personalities accidental hackers successful a caller societal media strategy are utilizing their likeness to bargain from honorable people.

Leon Rogers astatine WGCI and DJ Sundance of V103 said they're trying to wide their names aft their Facebook pages were taken implicit and their fans were asked to put successful fake concern deals.

Like galore successful the Chicago area, listener Phillip Vasser is simply a large instrumentality of Rogers. He said erstwhile helium recovered an evident accidental posted connected Rogers' Facebook leafage to marque immoderate other currency helium was intrigued, and wondered if it was legit.

"It was a $100 to get you $1,000, each the mode up to a $1,000 to get you $20,000," helium said. "And truthful I said, OK, well, fto maine bash astatine slightest effort to travel successful and bash this and past possibly marque a fewer other dollars due to the fact that I was taking my kids to Disney."

Vassar said helium messaged Rogers connected Facebook to find retired if the woody was real.

"I said, I'm not sending you a dime unless you beryllium to maine that you you!" Vasser recalled. "And helium sent maine a representation of his ID, posing with it successful his location with legible speechmaking of his look and his address."

Vassar said erstwhile helium saw the representation of Rogers holding his ID, helium was sold. He said helium sent the idiosyncratic $4,700 successful acquisition paper codes and bitcoin. Then helium realized thing wasn't right.

"He deed maine with the 'Well... they request to marque definite you're you. I request your Facebook password and your login,'" helium recalled.

Vasser said helium reluctantly sent his password and, minutes later, helium was locked retired of his account. The wealth helium sent is gone.

"You're destroying a batch of families retired present with the things that you doing," Vasser said.

Leon Rogers is adamant the idiosyncratic who is moving the strategy is not him.

"It is not me, nary way, signifier oregon form," helium insisted.

Rogers said he's received thousands of messages from radical crossed the Chicago rea who were ripped off.

But however did the idiosyncratic down the strategy get a representation of Rogers holding up his driver's license? He said earlier this twelvemonth helium received a connection helium thought was from Facebook, asking him to nonstop his login accusation and a video of him holding his ID up adjacent to his look to beryllium it was him. So helium sent it, and adjacent happening helium knew helium said helium was locked retired of his page.

He said radical person reached retired to him demanding their wealth back.

"When it gets to the constituent wherever radical are threatening to bash immoderate harm to you and your household for thing you didn't do, that's benignant of scary, you know?" Rogers said.

Ericka Ingram, who goes by DJ Sundance connected V103, said her Facebook leafage was hacked the aforesaid was Rogers' leafage was, and said the idiosyncratic oregon radical down it are besides utilizing her likeness to exploit her fans.

"'You beryllium maine money'," she said of the messages she's been getting. "You know, 'I sent my wealth to you. I sent my wealth to your page.' No, dear. You didn't nonstop it to me. That leafage got hacked backmost successful May. I person immoderate constabulary reports, 3 of them, you didn't nonstop it to me."

Both Ingram and Rogers said they've reported the hacked pages to Facebook dozens of times, but person been wholly ignored.

"Not 1 email, not thing from Facebook," Ingram said.

"Please, radical successful Chicago, Northwest Indiana, anybody that rocks with me. Anybody that rocks with my greeting amusement team. I'm successful nary way, signifier oregon signifier taking immoderate wealth from you," said Rogers.

Facebook, which present goes by Meta, said its enactment squad is reviewing some Rogers' and Ingram's accounts truthful they tin instrumentality due action. The societal media tract said it powerfully encourages radical to enactment vigilant for unexpected, antithetic messages from existing contacts.

Additional information tips from Facebook/Meta

  • Tips connected however to enactment harmless connected Messenger
  • On protecting your accounts:

  • We connection a fig of information features and recommendations to assistance you admit suspicious requests and activity, and support your relationship and your Facebook Page safe. Since your Page is connected to your idiosyncratic Facebook account, it's important to support some secure.

  • Secure your relationship with two-factor authentication: Enable two-factor authenticationas an other furniture of protection, some for yourself and arsenic a request for different admins of your Page.

  • Don't judge person requests from radical you don't know: Scammers whitethorn make fake accounts successful an effort to person and manipulate people.

  • Watch retired for suspicious links and malicious software: Keep an oculus retired for links you don't recognize, particularly if they're coming from radical you don't cognize oregon trust. Be cautious not to click connected suspicious links, unfastened suspicious files oregon instal malicious apps oregon browser extensions-even if they look to travel from a person oregon a institution you know. If you spot a station oregon connection that tries to instrumentality you into sharing idiosyncratic information, delight study it.

  • We promote radical to sojourn if they judge their idiosyncratic relationship oregon Page whitethorn person been compromised and it volition nonstop them to a step-by-step usher connected however to hole it.

  • On protecting against scams:

  • Unfortunately scams are an internet-wide situation and scammers effort to usage antithetic means including substance messages, emails, telephone calls, societal media posts, etc. to instrumentality radical into giving them wealth oregon idiosyncratic information, and are ever changing their tactics.

  • We cognize scammers tin origin radical terrible fiscal harm, which is wherefore we proceed investing successful exertion to support them disconnected Facebook and moving with instrumentality enforcement to assistance prosecute them.

  • We cognize these challenges are ongoing and our enactment volition ne'er beryllium done, but we'll proceed improving our efforts against this activity.

  • We promote radical to not judge suspicious requests and to study suspicious messages to america close away:

  • We connection accusation connected ways to debar scamming connected our Help Center here
  • Here are immoderate things to look retired for erstwhile trying to spot a scam:

  • People asking you for money

  • People asking you to nonstop them wealth oregon acquisition cards to person a loan, prize oregon different winnings

  • Anyone asking you to wage a interest successful bid to use for a job

  • Pages representing ample companies, organizations oregon nationalist figures that are not verified

  • People asking you to determination your speech disconnected Facebook to a little nationalist oregon little unafraid setting, specified arsenic a abstracted email

  • People claiming to beryllium a person oregon comparative successful an emergency

  • People who misrepresent wherever they are located. If idiosyncratic signs up for Messenger utilizing their mobile telephone number, you whitethorn beryllium capable to cheque which state their telephone fig is from. If you're acrophobic that a Page whitethorn beryllium scamming you, you tin cheque the Page's location

  • Messages oregon posts with mediocre spelling and grammatical mistakes

  • People oregon accounts directing you to a Page to assertion a prize
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