Rare Cases Of COVID Returning Pose Questions For Pfizer Pill

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WASHINGTON (AP) — As much doctors prescribe Pfizer’s almighty COVID-19 pill, caller questions are emerging astir its performance, including wherefore a tiny fig of patients look to relapse aft taking the drug.

Paxlovid has go the go-to enactment against COVID-19 due to the fact that of its at-home convenience and awesome results successful heading disconnected terrible disease. The U.S. authorities has spent much than $10 cardinal to acquisition capable pills to dainty 20 cardinal people.

But experts accidental determination is inactive overmuch to beryllium learned astir the drug, which was authorized successful December for adults astatine precocious hazard of terrible COVID-19 based connected a survey successful which 1,000 adults received the medication.


Doctors person started reporting uncommon cases of patients whose symptoms instrumentality respective days aft completing Paxlovid’s five-day regimen of pills. That’s prompted questions astir whether those patients are inactive contagious and should person a 2nd people of Paxlovid.

Last week, the Food and Drug Administration weighed in. It advised against a 2nd circular due to the fact that there’s small hazard of terrible illness oregon hospitalization among patients who relapse.

Dr. Michael Charness reported past period connected a 71-year-old vaccinated diligent who saw his symptoms subside but past return, on with a spike successful microorganism levels 9 days into his illness.

Charness says Paxlovid remains a highly effectual drug, but helium wonders if it mightiness beryllium little potent against the existent omicron variant. The $500 cause attraction was tested and OK’d based connected its show against the delta mentation of the coronavirus.

“The quality to wide the microorganism aft it’s suppressed whitethorn beryllium antithetic from omicron to delta, particularly for vaccinated people,” said Charness, who works for Boston’s VA wellness system.

Could immoderate radical conscionable beryllium susceptible to a relapse? Both the FDA and Pfizer constituent retired that 1% to 2% of radical successful Pfizer’s archetypal survey saw their microorganism levels rebound aft 10 days. The complaint was astir the aforesaid among radical taking the cause oregon dummy pills, “so it is unclear astatine this constituent that this is related to cause treatment,” the FDA stated.

Some experts constituent to different possibility: The Paxlovid dose isn’t beardown capable to afloat suppress the virus. Andy Pekosz of Johns Hopkins University worries that could spur mutations that are resistant to the drug.

“We should truly marque definite we’re dosing Paxlovid appropriately due to the fact that I would hatred to suffer it close now,” said Pekosz, a virologist. “This is 1 of the indispensable tools we person to assistance america crook the country connected the pandemic.”


Pfizer tested Paxlovid successful the highest-risk patients: unvaccinated adults with nary anterior COVID-19 corruption and different wellness problems, specified arsenic bosom illness and diabetes. The cause reduced their hazard of hospitalization and decease from 7% to 1%.

But that doesn’t bespeak the immense bulk of Americans today, wherever 89% of adults person had astatine slightest 1 shot. And astir 60% of Americans person been infected with the microorganism astatine immoderate point.

“That’s the colonisation I attraction astir successful 2022 due to the fact that that’s who we’re seeing ― vaccinated radical with COVID ― truthful bash they benefit?” asked Dr. David Boulware, a University of Minnesota researcher and physician.

There’s nary wide reply yet for vaccinated Americans, who already person a hospitalization complaint acold beneath 1%.

That whitethorn travel from a large, ongoing Pfizer survey that includes high-risk vaccinated people. No results person been published; the survey is expected to wrapper up successful the fall.

Pfizer said past twelvemonth that archetypal results showed Paxlovid failed to conscionable the study’s goals of importantly resolving symptoms and reducing hospitalizations. It precocious stopped enrolling anyone who’s received a vaccination oregon booster successful the past year, a alteration Boulware says suggests those patients aren’t benefitting.

At a minimum, the preliminary information should beryllium released to national officials, Boulware said. “If the U.S. authorities is spending billions of dollars connected this medicine, what’s the work to merchandise that information truthful that they tin formulate a bully policy?”


Pfizer precocious reported that proactively giving Paxlovid to household members of radical infected with COVID-19 didn’t importantly trim their chances of catching it. But that’s not the extremity of the story. Pfizer is studying respective different imaginable benefits of aboriginal use, including whether Paxlovid reduces the magnitude and severity of COVID-19 among households.

“It’s a precocious barroom to support against corruption but I’d emotion to spot information connected however Paxlovid did against terrible illness due to the fact that it whitethorn beryllium much effectual there,” said Pekosz.


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