Rebecca Romijn Admits She Misses 'A Lot Of Things' About Ex-Husband John Stamos

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Rebecca Romijn has nary regrets astir her archetypal matrimony to John Stamos.

The “X-Men” histrion appeared connected Thursday’s occurrence of “The Talk” for a candid chat with existent hubby Jerry O’Connell successful grant of Mother’s Day. The speech took a superior crook erstwhile Romijn touched connected her seven-year matrimony to Stamos, which ended successful divorce successful 2005.

“Going done a divorcement is awful. It’s terrible,” she said, arsenic seen successful a clip from “The Talk” obtained by “Entertainment Tonight.” “I was with him for 10 years. Divorce feels similar a failure, and determination were a batch of things that I had to fto spell of that were precise sad.”

The extremity of their narration was “heartbreaking,” but Romijn said she has “a batch of fond memories” of her clip with the “Full House” actor.

“A batch of things astir him that I miss,” she said. “But yeah, it’s tricky. It’s a precise hard determination to travel to erstwhile you determine to extremity a marriage. It was heartbreaking.”

Watch a clip from Rebecca Romijn’s quality connected “The Talk” below.

Romijn went connected to uncover that she had precocious spotted Stamos portion stuck successful postulation extracurricular of a buying promenade — her archetypal clip since him since their split. She opted not to accidental hello, however, due to the fact that she “didn’t deliberation my hairsbreadth looked good.”

O’Connell has revealed that helium and Romijn began dating aft moving into each different astatine a Maxim 100 excavation enactment successful Las Vegas. The mates married successful 2007 and person 13-year-old duplicate daughters, Charlie and Dolly.

Later successful the conversation, Romijn gushed astir her matrimony to O’Connell.

“Being joined to you is truthful fun,” she said. “When I get huffy astatine you, which I bash ― it’s happened ― you are ever capable to diffuse maine successful a mode that makes maine laughter truthful hard. It’s intolerable to proceed being huffy astatine you due to the fact that we’re laughing.”

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