Red panda born at Milwaukee County Zoo

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MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The "baby boom" continues astatine the Milwaukee County Zoo! A reddish panda was calved connected June 12, the 3rd cub for mom, Dr. Erin, and father, Dash. 

According to the zoo, the pistillate cub is portion of the Red Panda Species Survival Plan (SSP), which helps to support familial diverseness wrong reddish panda populations successful AZA-accredited zoos. 

The cub, who is not yet named, was calved mid-day Sunday, June 12, successful an off-exhibit area, successful a secluded and quiescent nest box. Keepers tin intimately show the nest container with peculiar cameras. At astir 24 hours aft the birth, the cub weighed 144 grams; connected the 2nd day, keepers recorded a value of 196 grams --weights volition proceed to beryllium recorded erstwhile ma and cub are comfy with a abbreviated separation clip to spot the cub connected a scale.

Keepers study that Dr. Erin and the cub walk astir the full clip unneurotic successful the nest box. Because Dr. Erin has had erstwhile offspring, she is an experienced parent and is attentive and nurturing toward the cub. Red pandas are besides attentive mothers successful the wild, keeping the cubs hidden successful a nest for the archetypal 2-3 months of life.

The cub present relies connected ma for milk, nursing for the archetypal 13-22 weeks of life. At 4-6 months, she’ll statesman to wean from mom, and keepers volition commencement to present coagulated nutrient to her, softened successful water. She’ll beryllium with ma for the archetypal twelvemonth of life, pursuing her astir the situation and learning however to climb.

An absorbing enactment from the zoo, the cub does not person reddish fur erstwhile it’s born; rather, it’s gray, and volition crook reddish implicit the adjacent mates of months. In a fewer months, the cub volition beryllium successful the outdoor habitat, disposable to the public.

In the wild, reddish pandas unrecorded successful the mountains of Nepal, bluish Myanmar, and cardinal China. Red pandas are considered endangered owed to deforestation, poaching, and trapping. Reliable colonisation numbers are hard to find owed to the pandas’ secretive nature, but it is estimated that lone astir 2,500 individuals beryllium successful the wild. Because of this debased number, each reddish panda commencement is significant.


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