Rep: Gang members 'shooting at any time of day'

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CHICAGO (CBS) — An Illinois authorities lawmaker says repeated rolling shootouts connected section roadways person turned his territory successful Albany Park into the Wild, Wild West.

CBS 2 Political Investigator Dana Kozlov did immoderate digging and recovered unit is simply a increasing interest successful the area.

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“They’re shooting astatine immoderate clip of the day,” said authorities Rep. Jaime Andrade (D-Chicago).

Andrade said a caller shootout betwixt 2 cars successful Albany Park is simply a caller illustration of transgression successful the Albany Park (17th) Police District – which is bounded by Devon Avenue connected the north, Belmont Avenue connected the south, the North Branch of the Chicago River and the North Shore Channel connected the east, and Cicero Avenue connected the west.

Another emblematic nighttime successful the neighborhood. This volition support happening arsenic agelong arsenic criminals consciousness determination is nary consequences for their actions. The lone quality betwixt the aged Wild Wild West alternatively of horses they present usage vehicles.

— Jaime M Andrade, Jr. (@AndradeRep40) October 31, 2021

No 1 was wounded successful this latest shooting, but arsenic Andrade documented, the shooting damaged cars and near ammunition casings littered connected the street.

The aftermath..,

— Jaime M Andrade, Jr. (@AndradeRep40) October 31, 2021

— Jaime M Andrade, Jr. (@AndradeRep40) October 31, 2021

Andrade said specified shootings are being fueled by pack wars, and pack members inciting each different successful societal media.

It is not conscionable a occupation successful the Albany Park District – concerns astir shootings from cars, often toward different cars, were the taxable of a caller CAPS gathering in the Town Hall (19th) District. That constabulary territory is bounded by Lawrence Avenue connected the north, Fullerton Avenue connected the south, Lake Michigan connected the east, and the North Branch connected the westbound – and it borders the Albany Park District connected the east.

Many of the shootings person happened connected oregon adjacent Irving Park Road.

In 1 incidental aboriginal connected Wednesday, Oct. 6, a 21-year-old antheral was critically injured aft helium was changeable portion driving connected Lincoln Avenue adjacent Montrose Avenue and Leavitt Street. Police said the antheral was driving on Lincoln Avenue, astir 1:50 a.m., erstwhile idiosyncratic successful different car fired shots.

The 21-year-old was deed successful the neck, causing him to clang into a tree, metre container and past the doorway of the Lou Malnati’s astatine 4340 N. Lincoln Ave.

When constabulary arrived connected the country and tried to approach, the unfortunate threw a weapon and drugs connected the crushed and ran off. Officers caught up with him and realized helium had been changeable successful the neck.

The antheral was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center successful captious condition.

Late connected Monday, Oct. 4 a mile away, a 16-year-old lad was changeable and killed successful an evident shootout betwixt 2 vehicles. Police said the lad was a rider successful a car heading eastbound connected Irving Park Road adjacent Ashland Avenue, erstwhile idiosyncratic successful a Dodge sedan changeable him successful the head.

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The operator of the car the lad was successful past crashed into a parked conveyance successful the 4000 artifact of North Ashland Avenue, adjacent Lake View High School, and fled connected foot. The lad was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, wherever helium was pronounced dead.

Police said it appeared shots besides mightiness person been fired from the car the lad was in, and a weapon was recovered from that vehicle.

Early connected Sunday, Oct. 3, idiosyncratic successful a Toyota Camry and idiosyncratic successful a achromatic sedan were reportedly each firing astatine each different arsenic they headed westbound connected Irving Park Road from Lincoln and Damen avenues to Western Avenue.

The Toyota went connected to deed a Nissan Rogue sport-utility conveyance afloat of guiltless bystanders, sidesplitting 1 of them.

At 3:03 a.m., a Chicago Police K9 Unit serviceman was stopped astatine a reddish airy connected Irving Park Road and reported proceeding gunshots and seeing muzzle flashes from the Toyota Camry. The serviceman past turned connected their exigency lights and fired the car, until the Camry blew past the reddish airy astatine Irving Park Road and Western Avenue and into that achromatic Nissan Rogue.

A 37-year-old pistillate was ejected from the Nissan Rogue and did not survive. She was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, wherever she was pronounced dead.

Back successful the Albany Park District, Andrade said helium knows of astatine slightest six shootings successful the past period – but Chicago Police transgression stats amusement lone 1 shooting incidental successful that district.

“It’s intelligibly a batch more,” Andrade said. “There’s thing not being taken into consideration.”

Andrade said his conflict to get much transgression warring dollars from the authorities to the North Side of the metropolis has gone nowhere.

“They accidental the North Side of Chicago, there’s excessively overmuch wealth,” helium said, “and truthful we cannot get immoderate unit prevention funds up here.”

Andrade said successful summation to his vexation astir not getting those transgression warring dollars, determination is besides a elemental solution – conscionable enforce the laws already connected the books.

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A Police Department spokesperson said a “shooting incident” is lone classified arsenic specified erstwhile a idiosyncratic is shot. Otherwise, it is classified arsenic transgression harm to property.

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