Rep. Lauren Boebert Says She Wrote A Book And Twitter Users Are Absolutely Baffled

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Conspiracy theorist Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) announced connected Wednesday that she has a publication coming retired this summer.

Critics of the far-right lawmaker were instantly near wondering what, exactly, would beryllium successful it.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) has a caller   publication  coming retired  and critics person  questions.
Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) has a caller publication coming retired and critics person questions.

Evelyn Hockstei/Pool via Getty Images

Boebert’s Twitter provender is simply a room of errors and typos, including a telephone to “imeach” President Joe Biden and an onslaught connected “Micky” Mouse.

Her nationalist appearances person been conscionable arsenic mystifying, similar erstwhile she called Biden “Prince John from ... uhhhh ... Prince John.”

In different instance, her unit got the sanction of her authorities wrong.

Given that past and much ― including her and her husband’s ineligible troubles implicit the years ― critics chimed successful with immoderate observations and much than a fewer questions:

The publication is 4 pages long; written successful crayon; and has 238 spelling errors contempt lone having 16 words.

— The Hoarse Whisperer (@TheRealHoarse) May 4, 2022

I can't hold to work each astir your arrests and your husband's flashing of his penis to nether property girls.

Will you motion it for me?

— Angela Belcamino (@AngelaBelcamino) May 4, 2022

Are the crayons provided, oregon bash we person to bring our own?
How galore achromatic crayons volition I request to decently correspond your 'story'?
Can we colour your gunz immoderate colour we want, oregon are they already filled with with gunmetal grey and black?
Current hairsbreadth colour oregon Explore Talent shade?

— Schrödinger's Zen...(or Roger) (@RWNJ_) May 4, 2022

Does it see this? #NeverForget: U.S. House members who voted against holding Putin accountable for his warfare crimes against Ukraine:

🔴 Lauren Boebert
🔴 Matt Gaetz
🔴 Marjorie Taylor Greene
🔴 Andy Biggs
🔴 Thomas Massie
🔴 Dan Bishop
🔴 Glen Grothman
🔴 Chip Royt

— Lara reads banned books successful Florida (@MadeInTheUSANJ) May 4, 2022

Thank you truthful much, Bobo! I’ve ne'er laughed truthful hard successful my beingness until I work the comments to this announcement. This is the champion escaped drama amusement I’ve had successful a agelong time! 🤣🤣🤣

— Crazy Times & Crazy Wines (@swankywineguru) May 4, 2022

ROFL. You tin write? Did you usage crayon? Who helped you with the large words -- implicit 4 letters. Does hubby amusement his junk successful it? Does it see details of your insurrection participation?

— Miles Tones (@1CrazyOldFool) May 4, 2022

I'm 100% definite you didn't constitute this publication and I expect to spot it astatine the dollar store wrong the year.

— Julie Gold (@michalski_julie) May 4, 2022
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