Reporter Gets Adorable Surprise From Her Boyfriend While Live On TV

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It seems the folks astatine New York quality transmission PIX11 decided to adhd a small sparkle to 1 of this week’s segments.

Michelle Ross, a newsman for the section CW affiliate, was finishing up a unrecorded on-air interrogation successful The Battery connected Wednesday erstwhile a antheral appeared down her successful the parkland and bent down connected 1 knee.

Thankfully, the idiosyncratic Ross was interviewing didn’t springiness a hint arsenic to what was happening — and arsenic the newsman went to nonstop the broadcast backmost to the studio, 1 of her anchors asked, “Who’s that down you?”

Ross turned astir to find her boyfriend, Robert Tilearcio Jr., kneeling successful beforehand of a banner that read, “Will You Marry Me?”

“I’ve waited 10 years for this,” helium said successful the broadcast video. “You are the emotion of my life, and I decidedly privation to ask: Will you wed me?”

“I emotion you — of course!” Ross said, adjacent parts shocked and emotional.

The camera past panned to amusement Ross and Tilearcio’s nearest and dearest who showed up for the connection arsenic they celebrated the blessed occasion.

Although the newsman was intelligibly swept up successful the moment, that didn’t halt her co-workers backmost astatine the workplace from asking, “Michelle, who is that handsome antheral adjacent to you?” Ross, inactive stunned, astatine archetypal seemed to disregard oregon not perceive their repeated requests, which gave a genuinely awkward — and, let’s admit it, “Office” similar — juxtaposition to an different saccharine scene.

Despite this, Ross seemed to admit the effort that Tilearcio and her PIX11 squad enactment into the astonishment proposal.

“You did a bully job,” she told her husband-to-be, who works for the New York City Fire Department. “Thank you, guys.”

PIX11 besides didn’t look excessively upset astir Ross initially overlooking their requests to stock her fiance’s sanction connected air. The quality presumption posted a video of the connection on its Instagram page Wednesday.

“Congrats to PIX11′s @michellearezouross ! 💍 She was doing a unrecorded interrogation erstwhile her FDNY fellow and household members amazed her successful Battery Park,” the outlet captioned the clip, utilizing the reporter’s grip connected the platform.

“Spoiler alert: She said yes. ❤️”

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