Reporter Martin Brundle Bungles Interview In Awkward Case Of Mistaken Identity At Miami Grand Prix

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As a erstwhile driver, British racing commentator Martin Brundle knows his car sports. But helium didn’t look to announcement the quality betwixt 6-foot-10 NBA imaginable Paolo Banchero and 6-foot-3 Kansas City Chiefs backmost Patrick Mahomes connected Sunday.

In Sky Sports sum of the Formula One Miami Grand Prix connected ESPN, Brundle thought helium was interviewing the shot prima earlier helium realized aft a fewer questions that helium was not.

He asked Banchero who helium was, and the erstwhile Duke star, who could beryllium a apical NBA draught pick, intelligibly did not registry with him.

“Right, OK. Well, I thought I was talking to idiosyncratic else, truthful atrocious astir that,” Brundle said, adding a dismissive “whatever.”

The one-time Super Bowl MVP, who’s 26, and Banchero, 19, had a laughter connected Twitter afterward.

But that interrogation was 1 awkward portion of work.

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