Rising country star credits OK roots for career

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OWASSO, Okla. — Owasso's Gracee Shriver is simply a rising state euphony prima who says she owes it each to her Oklahoma roots.

"I emotion my family, I emotion friends, and I emotion Jesus," says Gracee Shriver.

Shriver got her commencement acknowledgment to 2 twists of fate. The archetypal happened astatine conscionable 9 years aged erstwhile she won a guitar astatine Claremore's Bluegrass and Chili Festival.

Shriver recalls, "They happened to gully my name. It was a implicit God thing. So that's however I got my commencement successful music. The precise adjacent year, I went backmost due to the fact that I needed a plug-in guitar, due to the fact that I had truly fallen successful emotion with playing, and they drew my sanction for the 1 that plugged successful too!"

She has stopped playing since. The Owasso grad present lives successful Nashville, attends Belmont University, and continues to make music.

"Songwriting is 1 of my favourite parts," says Shriver.

In fact, the archetypal opus she wrote successful the euphony city, Broken Record, was a hit.

"I decided to bash a video, my archetypal legit video, and past CMT picked it up. I got enactment connected respective vigor stations, which was a large blessing arsenic well," says Shriver.

She says her clip connected Season 17 of NBC's The Voice was a blessing too. And she precocious joined Blake Shelton's Spring Blake Tour.

"He's great. I've had a batch of opportunities done him," says Shriver.

Shriver has had rather a fewer brushes with celebrities this year, including an invitation to the Country Music Awards.

"Getting to beryllium determination and spot the authentic reactions of each 1 winning, what my imagination is someday…. is ace cool!" says Shriver.

Shriver has the cleanable formal for her imagination time connected stage. Her prom was canceled during the pandemic, but she inactive has a dress. She plans to deterioration that formal the archetypal clip she accepts an grant oregon performs astatine an awards amusement connected stage. In May, Shriver volition beryllium taking the signifier astatine Cain's Ballroom for the Oklahoma Women successful Song Project. It's a fundraiser for women successful state music.

"I got a telephone and was asked to beryllium a typical for that, which was an grant due to the fact that astonishing women person travel from Oklahoma: Carrie, Reba, each of them," says Shriver.

It's a database Shriver is hoping to articulation arsenic her latest azygous drops.

"It's a amusive summertime jam. It's called When He's Around. It's a fun, rotation your windows down benignant of song."

You can't assistance but basal for this hometown girl, whose sparkle and radiance lucifer that of a star.

"My anticipation for the aboriginal is that my euphony gets retired to much radical and tin support making a quality and making immoderate small girls privation to sing into their hairbrush!" says Shriver.

Shiver's caller azygous comes retired Friday connected each streaming platforms. She besides tells 2 News Oklahoma's Julie Chin that she's been talking with labels and has a fewer different projects successful the works.

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