Robert McFarlane, Former National Security Advisor, Dead At 84

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Former White House nationalist information advisor Robert C. McFarlane, a apical adjutant to President Ronald Reagan who pleaded blameworthy to charges for his relation successful an amerciable arms-for-hostages woody known arsenic the Iran-Contra affair, has died. He was 84.

McFarlane, who lived successful Washington, died Thursday from complications of a erstwhile unwellness astatine a infirmary successful Michigan, wherever helium was visiting family, according to a household statement.

“As his household we privation to stock our heavy sadness astatine the nonaccomplishment of our beloved husband, begetter and grandfather, and enactment his profound interaction connected our lives,” the household said successful the statement. “Though recognized arsenic a strategical governmental thinker, we retrieve him for his warmth, his wisdom, his heavy content successful God, and his committedness to serving others.”

McFarlane, a erstwhile Marine lieutenant colonel and Vietnam combat veteran, resigned his White House station successful December 1985. He was aboriginal pressed into work by the medication arsenic portion of concealed — and amerciable — program to merchantability arms to Iran successful speech for the state of Western hostages successful the Middle East and walk on proceeds to the contra rebels successful Nicaragua for their combat against the Marxist Sandinista government.

He played a large relation successful the affair, starring the concealed delegation to Tehran, past arsenic present a U.S. adversary, to unfastened interaction with alleged mean Iranians who were thought to clasp power with kidnappers of American hostages. He brought with him a barroom and a Bible signed by Reagan.

The strategy began to unfold aft a cargo level carrying a CIA-arranged shipment of arms was changeable down successful October 1986 by the Sandinistas successful Nicaragua, mounting disconnected what yet became 1 of the biggest modern governmental scandals.

McFarlane was rushed to a Washington-area infirmary successful February 1987 aft taking an overdose of Valium the time earlier helium was scheduled to attest earlier a statesmanlike committee investigating the Iran-Contra scheme.

He pleaded blameworthy successful March 1988 to 4 misdemeanor counts of withholding accusation from Congress. His lawyer said helium was unfairly singled retired due to the fact that he, dissimilar different cardinal figures, testified willingly earlier investigative panels. He besides admitted his role.

″I did so withhold accusation from the Congress,” helium told reporters astatine the time. “I judge powerfully that, throughout, my actions were motivated by what I believed to beryllium successful the overseas argumentation involvement of the United States.″

He was pardoned by President George H.W. Bush, on with 5 different figures from the scandal.

McFarlane, a vocation Marine known arsenic “Bud” to his friends, had risen to lieutenant colonel and to positions successful the Nixon and Ford administrations. He served arsenic nationalist information peculiar adjunct to Richard M. Nixon and Gerald R. Ford during their presidencies.

During the Carter administration, helium was connected the Republican unit of the Senate Armed Services Committee. He returned to the enforcement subdivision with Reagan’s election, serving arsenic a State Department counsellor until moving to the White House arsenic nationalist information advisor William Clark’s lawman successful January 1982. He was appointed to the apical nationalist information station successful 1983.

McFarlane, a postgraduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, was the lad of a erstwhile Democratic congressman from Texas, William Doddridge McFarlane, who served from 1932 to 1938. He is survived by his woman of 63 years, 2 daughters and a son.


Associated Press quality researcher Rhonda Shafner contributed from New York.

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