Robots Hitting The Streets As Demand For Food Delivery Grows

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) — Robot nutrient transportation is nary longer the worldly of subject fiction. But you whitethorn not spot it successful your vicinity anytime soon.

Hundreds of small robots ― knee-high and capable to clasp astir 4 ample pizzas ― are present navigating assemblage campuses and adjacent immoderate metropolis sidewalks successful the U.S., the U.K. and elsewhere. While robots were being tested successful constricted numbers earlier the coronavirus hit, the companies gathering them accidental pandemic-related labour shortages and a increasing penchant for contactless transportation person accelerated their deployment.

“We saw request for robot usage conscionable spell done the ceiling,” said Alastair Westgarth, the CEO of Starship Technologies, which precocious completed its 2 millionth delivery. “I deliberation request was ever there, but it was brought guardant by the pandemic effect.”

Starship has much than 1,000 robots successful its fleet, up from conscionable 250 successful 2019. Hundreds much volition beryllium deployed soon. They’re delivering nutrient connected 20 U.S. campuses; 25 much volition beryllium added soon. They’re besides operating connected sidewalks successful Milton Keynes, England; Modesto, California; and the company’s hometown of Tallin, Estonia.

Robot designs vary; immoderate person 4 wheels and immoderate person six, for example. But generally, they usage cameras, sensors, GPS and sometimes laser scanners to navigate sidewalks and adjacent transverse streets autonomously. They determination astir 5 mph.

Remote operators support tabs connected aggregate robots astatine a clip but they accidental they seldom request to deed the brakes oregon steer astir an obstacle. When a robot arrives astatine its destination, customers benignant a codification into their phones to unfastened the lid and retrieve their food.

The robots person drawbacks that bounds their usefulness for now. They’re electric, truthful they indispensable recharge regularly. They’re slow, and they mostly enactment wrong a small, pre-mapped radius.

They’re besides inflexible. A lawsuit can’t archer a robot to permission the nutrient extracurricular the door, for example. And immoderate large cities with crowded sidewalks, similar New York, Beijing and San Francisco, aren’t welcoming them.

But Bill Ray, an expert with the consulting steadfast Gartner, says the robots marque a batch of consciousness connected firm oregon assemblage campuses, oregon successful newer communities with wide sidewalks.

“In the places wherever you tin deploy it, robot transportation volition turn precise quickly,” Ray said.

Ray said determination person been fewer reports of problems with the robots, different than an occasional gaggle of kids who situation 1 and effort to confuse it. Starship concisely halted work astatine the University of Pittsburgh successful 2019 aft a wheelchair idiosyncratic said a robot blocked her entree to a ramp. But the assemblage said deliveries resumed erstwhile Starship addressed the issue.

Patrick Sheck, a inferior astatine Bowling Green State University successful Bowling Green, Ohio, gets deliveries from a Starship robot 3 oregon 4 times a week arsenic he’s leaving class.

“The robot pulls up conscionable successful clip for maine to get immoderate lunch,” Sheck said. Bowling Green and Starship complaint $1.99 positive a work interest for each robot delivery.

Rival Kiwibot, with office successful Los Angeles and Medellin, Columbia, says it present has 400 robots making deliveries connected assemblage campuses and successful downtown Miami.

Delivery companies are besides jumping into the market. Grubhub precocious partnered with Russian robot shaper Yandex to deploy 50 robots connected the field of Ohio State University successful Columbus, Ohio. Grubhub plans to adhd much campuses soon, though the institution stresses that the work won’t spell beyond colleges for now.

U.S. transportation orders jumped 66% successful the twelvemonth ending successful June, according to NPD, a information and consulting firm. And transportation request could stay elevated adjacent aft the pandemic eases due to the fact that customers person gotten utilized to the convenience.

Ji Hye Kim, cook and managing spouse of the Ann Arbor, Michigan, edifice Miss Kim, relied heavy connected robot transportation erstwhile her eating country was closed past year. Kim had partnered with a section robot company, Refraction AI, soon earlier the pandemic began.

Kim prefers robots to third-party transportation companies similar DoorDash, which complaint importantly much and sometimes cancel orders if they didn’t person capable drivers. Delivery companies besides bundle aggregate orders per trip, she said, truthful nutrient sometimes arrives cold. Robots instrumentality conscionable 1 bid astatine a time.

Kim said the robots besides excite customers, who often station videos of their interactions.

“It’s precise cute and novel, and it didn’t person to travel look to look with people. It was a comfort,” Kim said. Delivery request has dropped disconnected since her eating country reopened, but robots inactive present astir 10 orders per day.

While Kim managed to bent connected to her unit passim the pandemic, different restaurants are struggling to find workers. In a caller survey, 75% of U.S. edifice owners told the National Restaurant Association that recruiting and retaining employees is their biggest challenge.

That has galore restaurants looking to capable the void with robot delivery.

“There is nary store successful the state close present with capable transportation drivers,” said Dennis Maloney, elder vice president and main integer serviceman astatine Domino’s Pizza.

Domino’s is partnering with Nuro, a California startup whose 6-foot-tall self-driving pods spell astatine a maximum velocity of 25 mph connected streets, not sidewalks. Nuro is investigating market and nutrient transportation successful Houston, Phoenix and Mountain View, California.

Maloney said it’s not a question of if, but of when, robots volition commencement doing much deliveries. He thinks companies similar Domino’s volition yet usage a premix of robots and drivers depending connected location. Sidewalk robots could enactment connected a subject base, for example, portion Nuro is perfect for suburbs. Highway driving would beryllium near to quality workers.

Maloney said Nuro transportation is much costly than utilizing quality drivers for now, but arsenic the exertion scales up and gets much refined, the costs volition spell down.

For cheaper sidewalk robots __ which outgo an estimated $5,000 oregon little __ it’s adjacent easier to undercut quality transportation costs. The mean Grubhub operator successful Ohio makes $47,650 per year, according to the occupation tract

But robots don’t ever outgo transportation jobs. In immoderate cases, they assistance make them. Before Starship’s robots arrived, Bowling Green didn’t connection transportation from field eating spots. Since then, it has hired much than 30 radical to service arsenic runners betwixt kitchens and robots, Bowling Green eating spokesperson Jon Zachrich said.

Brendan Witcher, a exertion expert with the consulting steadfast Forrester, says it’s casual to get excited astir the Jetsons-like anticipation of robot delivery. But ultimately, robots volition person to beryllium they make an vantage successful immoderate way.

“It’s imaginable that we spot this look into thing else,” helium said. “But it’s the close clip and spot for companies considering robots to trial them and larn from them and bash their ain evaluation.”


AP Video Journalist Mike Householder contributed from Bowling Green, Ohio.

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