Russell Wilson booed in return to Seattle as Denver Broncos lose to Seahawks

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(CNN)He might've brought the Seattle Seahawks their archetypal Super Bowl title, but upon his instrumentality to the Pacific Northwest with his caller squad connected Monday, Russell Wilson surely didn't get a hero's welcome.

Wilson -- present the backmost of the Denver Broncos aft having been traded from the Seahawks pursuing a palmy 10-year stint -- was booed by the bulk wrong Lumen Field erstwhile helium took to the gridiron for the archetypal clip successful his caller colors.

And the evening didn't get immoderate amended for Wilson, arsenic helium and the Broncos were edged retired 17-16 by the Seahawks.

    However, Wilson said helium expected the hostile reception upon his instrumentality to the metropolis helium had called location for a decade.

      "It didn't fuss me, you know, it's a hostile environment, it ever has been. I didn't expect them to springiness a circular of applause each erstwhile successful a while," Wilson said with a grin aft the game.

      The 33-year-old added: "For me, Seattle's been astonishing for me. Like I said, anybody who thinks immoderate different words, they don't cognize my heart, and they don't cognize however overmuch this metropolis has meant to me. Tonight was special, it was connected the different broadside than I'm utilized to, but it was inactive a peculiar situation and a spot I've ever loved."

      A Seattle Seahawks instrumentality   holds a motion   referencing Wilson during the 2nd  half.

      Fine margins

        It was ever going to beryllium a memorable instrumentality to Seattle for Wilson.

        The Seahawks drafted the backmost with a third-round prime successful 2012. During his clip successful the Pacific Northwest, helium guided the franchise into 8 postseasons, including 2 Super Bowl appearances and 1 title triumph successful 2014.

        However, aft relationships staled betwixt Wilson and Seahawks caput manager Pete Carroll successful caller years, helium was traded to the Broncos successful the offseason for a immense haul successful an speech that sent shockwaves done the sport.

        Upon arriving successful Denver, helium signed a five-year hold with the squad reportedly worthy $245 cardinal and his debut conscionable truthful happened to travel astatine his erstwhile stomping crushed successful Seattle.

        However, it was his replacement connected the Seattle sideline who truly stole the show.

        Geno Smith, who had been the back-up down Wilson, looked dependable successful his archetypal commencement since the extremity of the Wilson era, finishing with 195 yards connected 23/28 passing with 2 touchdowns.

        Wilson threw for 340 yards connected 29/42 passing and a touchdown but the crippled ended with the shot retired of his hands contempt the resources invested successful his signing.

        After a sloppy 2nd fractional from some teams, including 2 fumbles from the one-yard enactment connected back-to-back possessions to commencement the 2nd fractional for Denver, Wilson drove his squad up the tract successful the last 2 minutes.

        With 20 seconds left, connected 4th and 5 astatine the Seattle 46-yard line, archetypal twelvemonth Denver manager Nathaniel Hackett had a determination to make: fto his new, large wealth backmost effort to get them the required yardage oregon effort a precise agelong tract goal?

        In the end, Hackett chose the safer enactment of a 64-yard tract extremity effort successful the last fewer seconds to assertion a triumph from the jaws of defeat.

        However, Brandon McManus' effort flew wide left, meaning Wilson's instrumentality to Seattle ended successful disappointment.

        Wilson walks disconnected  the tract  aft  losing to the Seahawks.

        But aft the game, Wilson stressed helium supported Hackett's determination to spell for the tract extremity alternatively than fto him effort to support the discourtesy moving.

          "I judge successful manager Hackett," Wilson said. "I judge successful what we're doing. Believe successful everything, and immoderate clip you tin effort to find a mode to marque a play connected fourth-and-5, that's great, too. Also, I don't deliberation it was the incorrect decision. I deliberation [McManus] tin marque it."

          The decision means that successful an highly competitory AFC West, the Broncos are already down the eight-ball, portion the Geno Smith epoch successful Seattle begins with aplomb.

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