Russia seeks Brazil's help to prevent expulsion from IMF, World Bank

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(CNN)Russia has asked Brazil for enactment successful the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the G20 radical of apical economies to assistance it antagonistic crippling sanctions imposed by the West since it invaded Ukraine, according to a missive seen by Reuters.

Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov wrote to Economy Minister Paulo Guedes asking for Brazil's "support to forestall governmental accusations and favoritism attempts successful planetary fiscal institutions and multilateral fora."

"Behind the scenes enactment is underway successful the IMF and World Bank to bounds oregon adjacent expel Russia from the decision-making process," Siluanov wrote.

    The letter, which made nary notation of the warfare successful Ukraine, was dated March 30 and relayed to the Brazilian curate by Russia's ambassador successful Brasilia connected Wednesday.

      "As you know, Russia is going done a challenging play of economical and fiscal turbulence caused by sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies," the Russian curate said.

      US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said past week that the United States would not enactment successful immoderate G20 meetings if Russia was present, citing the invasion.

      Almost fractional of Russia's planetary reserves person been frozen and overseas commercialized transactions are being blocked, including those with its emerging marketplace system partners, Siluanov said.

        Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov is seen earlier  President Vladimir Putin's yearly  code  to the Federal Assembly successful  Moscow successful  January 2020.

        "The United States and its satellites are pursuing a argumentation of isolating Russia from the planetary community," helium added.

        Siluanov said the sanctions interruption the principles of the Bretton Woods agreements that acceptable up the IMF and the World Bank.

        "We see that the existent situation caused by unprecedented economical sanctions driven by the G7 countries mightiness person long-lasting consequences unless we instrumentality associated enactment to resoluteness it," helium wrote to Guedes.

        Brazil's far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, who visited Moscow conscionable days earlier the invasion, has kept Brazil neutral successful the Ukraine situation and has not condemned the invasion, drafting disapproval from the Biden administration.

        Bolsonaro expressed "solidarity" erstwhile helium visited Russian President Vladimir Putin successful the Kremlin connected February 16, astir a week earlier the penetration began.

          Brazilian Foreign Minister Carlos Franca has said Brazil opposes the expulsion of Russia from the G20 arsenic sought by the United States.

          "The astir important happening astatine this clip is to person each planetary forums, the G20, WTO, FAO, functioning fully, and for that each countries request to beryllium present, including Russia," Franca told a Senate proceeding connected March 25.

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