RV park residents rescued during flash flooding

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FENTON, Mo. (KMOV) - Rescue crews helped respective Jefferson County residents to information overnight arsenic different circular of storms prompted flash flooding.

Before 2 a.m. Thursday, flood waters crept up connected an RV parkland adjacent Old Highway 141 adjacent Fiedler Lane successful Fenton. Local occurrence and constabulary departments headed retired with boats and flashlights to cheque connected residents.

Joshua Bundy was awake erstwhile the tempest deed the area. He was capable to rapidly get retired arsenic the h2o was rising.

“It was a beauteous aggravated tempest and I conscionable happened to instrumentality a highest extracurricular aft the rainfall stopped and noticed the h2o had gotten up to the bottommost of the step,” Bundy explained. “It came up and was rising speedy truthful astatine that constituent packed up immoderate clothes, chucked it successful the container and got retired and hopped successful my vehicle. I laid connected the horn for each the neighbors to hear.”

Shortly after, helium started knocking connected doors arsenic good to assistance get radical out. The Saline Valley Fire Protection District Fire Chief Bob Dunn said they got respective twelve calls for h2o evacuations oregon rescues with radical stuck successful some homes and cars.

Dunn said determination haven’t been immoderate superior injuries oregon fatalities but urged radical to debar driving done immoderate lasting oregon rising water.

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