Ryan Reynolds Reveals 1 Thing He’d Do To Kids That’s 'Generally Frowned Upon'

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Ryan Reynolds confessed to thing that volition apt marque a batch of parents consciousness seen.

During an quality connected ABC’s “Live With Kelly and Ryan connected Friday, the “Adam Project” prima revealed that he’d emotion to clasp a arguable maneuver portion raising his kids.

“I cognize it’s mostly frowned upon, but if I could conscionable duct-tape an iPad to their faces, I would,” Reynolds said. “I get the allure of that. We effort to bounds the surface clip to conscionable precise tiny chunks, but …” helium added, trailing off.

It’s hard to blasted him for being tempted. The “Deadpool” prima shares 3 daughters — James, property 7; Inez, 5; and Betty, 3 — with woman Blake Lively, and they person a fourth child connected the way.

In June, the histrion openly joked astir however exhausting it is to beryllium a dada to 3 small girls successful a commercial for spirits marque Aviation American Gin, which helium co-owns.

The advertisement stars entertainer Nick Cannon — begetter oregon frickin’ nine — who makes a cocktail called “The Vasectomy” for Reynolds.

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