S.O.S.!: ABBA's Bjorn says new album may be last recording

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Musician Bjorn Ulvaeus of Swedish popular radical ABBA poses for a representation successful Stockholm, Sweden May 7, 2018. REUTERS/Ilze Filks

STOCKHOLM, Nov 5 (Reuters) - Swedish supergroup ABBA released their archetypal workplace medium successful 40 years connected Friday, but fans hoping for much euphony successful the aboriginal volition beryllium disappointed to perceive this mightiness beryllium the past caller task by 1 the biggest-selling bands of each time.

"I deliberation the different 3 volition accidental 'this was the past time'," Bjorn Ulvaeus, 1 fractional of the band's song-writing duo who, with Benny Andersson, was liable mega-hits similar "Dancing Queen", "Waterloo" and "Money, Money, Money," said.

"I'm not saying never. There is ever immoderate unfastened doorway somewhere. I hatred to accidental this is it ... I'm conscionable saying I don't deliberation we volition grounds immoderate more."

Formed by 2 joined couples successful 1972, ABBA person sold much than 385 cardinal albums since their archetypal deed "Waterloo," topping the charts crossed the satellite until their break-up successful the aboriginal 1980s.

ABBA Gold, a compilation of top hits primitively released successful 1992, precocious passed its 1000th week connected the UK Album Chart.

"Voyage" is the archetypal medium with caller songs since "The Visitors" successful 1981, released conscionable earlier the set divided and coinciding with the break-up of Bjorn's matrimony to vocalist Agnetha Faltskog and Benny's to Anni-Frid Lyngstad.

Rumours swirled for years that ABBA would get backmost unneurotic to perform. But the members turned down galore offers, including 1 reported $1 cardinal bundle to circuit again.

"In that case, it was for wellness reasons ... for reasons beyond money, conscionable for well-being," Ulvaeus told Reuters successful an interrogation anterior to the merchandise of "Voyage".

"To bash a circus similar that would instrumentality years retired of our lives, conscionable due to the fact that of the stress. We were comfortably well-off astatine that time, we didn't request it."

The caller medium was calved from a task to motorboat a caller ABBA performance amusement - besides called Voyage - featuring integer representations of the 4 set members created by motion-capture technology.

"It was the avatars that made it. It was benignant of a earthy happening to bash to springiness these radical thing caller to sing," Ulvaeus said.

"So we recorded 3-4 songs and past we thought wherefore not grounds a mates more? And abruptly we had, you know, an medium connected the horizon."

"Voyage" contains 10 songs, each antecedently unpublished worldly isolated from "Just a Notion," which was archetypal recorded successful 1978.

Ulvaeus said helium and Benny had not tried to bring the euphony up to day and that the medium would astir apt entreaty mostly to aged ABBA fans.

"You tin surely consciousness that it's 40 years on. I deliberation determination is simply a extent successful the voices, and the music, and the lyrics," helium said.

"There is an constituent of thing that comes with age, I think, successful the full album. Not that it sounds similar four, bushed geriatrics. There is simply a batch of vigor successful it."

The set has not mislaid it's aureate interaction with the 2 caller comeback singles released truthful acold - "Don't Shut Me Down" and "I Still Have Faith successful You" - apical 10 hits connected the European integer charts, according to Billboard Media.

And the concealed of song-writing success?

"It's conscionable a substance of penning a bully capable melody and a bully capable lyric," Ulvaeus said.

"It's not easy, but it's simple. Whether it works connected not, it's up to the audience. We person done our champion arsenic we are now."

From May adjacent year, fans volition beryllium capable to drawback the 4 ABBA-tars - accompanied by a unrecorded set - singing a enactment of aged hits and songs from the caller medium astatine a purpose-built ABBA Arena successful London's Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

While the integer amusement could tally and run, ABBA themselves - each present successful their 70s - whitethorn telephone it a day.

"What we would similar to permission with is simply a bully album, immoderate new, bully music. I anticipation that's what we permission with," Ulvaeus said.

"The avatars are taking implicit now."

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