School board approves license plate readers

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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - New exertion volition present beryllium keeping an oculus connected hundreds of schoolhouse campuses successful Fulton County to assistance support students and staff.

The schoolhouse committee approved backing for caller licence sheet readers to beryllium installed astatine each schoolhouse tract connected Thursday night.

CBS46 spoke to the superintendent who said helium was assured this was going to beryllium the result of the ballot due to the fact that they person been investigating these flock cameras and they person seen the system’s success.

The cameras scan the tags of cars entering the country of schoolhouse campuses and if the car is stolen, registered to a criminal, oregon adjacent the taxable of a missing idiosyncratic investigation, past it volition alert Fulton County instrumentality enforcement agencies immediately.

“Unfortunately, determination are radical who person been convicted of enactment crimes, radical that person been banned from schoolhouse grounds, radical who person brought weapons to schoolhouse successful the past and frankincense person tribunal orders that accidental they can’t travel to schoolhouse and truthful we privation to marque definite that the people, arsenic they travel connected to schoolhouse campuses, are allowed to beryllium determination and don’t airs a risk,” said Dr. Mike Looney, Superintendent for the Fulton County School District.

The much than 200 licence sheet readers volition beryllium installed by January, and they volition beryllium funded by the 1 penny income taxation for acquisition that funds different schoolhouse projects successful Fulton County.

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