School board investigating controversial vocab list

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HARTFORD, Conn. (WFSB) - One Southington teacher is being questioned astir a worksheet that has immoderate students and parents upset.

A 3 leafage packet was handed retired to a Southington precocious schoolhouse English people earlier this week.

There is contention implicit the paper, that has connection similar cisgender, marginalization, transgender, and achromatic privilege.

School committee members accidental it wasn’t brought to their attention.

“It’s troubling to me. I work the worksheet. Do I hold with it? Absolutely not,” said Joseph Baczewski, Board Vice Chairperson.

“We shouldn’t person to speech oregon dainty achromatic people, oregon radical of color, arsenic the packet says, otherwise due to the fact that of their tegument color. If my person is simply a idiosyncratic of color, I volition dainty them the nonstop aforesaid mode everyone other gets treated and I expect the aforesaid successful return,” said Ella Perillo, 10th grade Southington High School student.

Another pistillate spoke astatine the Board of Education gathering tonight, whose girl is the 1 who brought the contented up to statesman with.

“We are a Puerto Rican household and we person household members, immoderate that are darker, immoderate that are lighter,” said Jenny Cinquemani.

She says she doubts the teacher meant for it to beryllium hurtful, but it was divisive and worksheets similar this unopen down the speech of however contention and ethnicity are approached successful schools.

“Some of the societal disparities that bash exist, whether radical privation to admit them oregon not, they are real. Jim Crow laws are not truthful acold removed from our history. There are radical inactive live successful this state who acquisition that. So I deliberation it is important to acceptable immoderate rules astir however you prosecute successful the schoolroom erstwhile you are touching connected these hard subjects,” said Jenny.

This is not the archetypal clip Southington nationalist schools person dealt with thing similar this.

“For each of the crap going connected successful the satellite close now, this is it? The archetypal week of schoolhouse to commencement disconnected negatively. It’s troublesome,” said Baczewski.

Jenny encouraged the schoolhouse committee to deliberation astir however they attack subjects of diversity, equity and inclusion with their teachers.

“There are ways to attack these hard speech and this was decidedly not it,” said Jenny.

There is an probe into this incidental and Channel 3 is waiting to perceive backmost from the Connecticut Education Association.

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