School board rejects LGBTQ History Month

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MIAMI - To the dependable of cheers from immoderate successful attendance, the Miami-Dade School Board voted Wednesday nighttime to cull making October LGBTQ past month.

Dozens of attendees were allowed to enactment to dependable their opinions connected the matter, but the gathering grew rowdy. 

Earlier successful the day, Rivers Lopez Pozo waved a agleam cheery emblem successful beforehand of the Miami-Dade School Board gathering .

Pozo supported a solution that would person made October LGBTQ past month. 

"History is important and determination is simply a batch of past successful the LGBTQ community," she said. 

More than 50 radical waited astatine the introduction to talk connected the topic. Inside it was contentious arsenic speakers supported and rejected the resolution. 

"There's unspeakable fear-mongering," said outgoing committee subordinate Dr. Marta Perez. 

The Miami-Dade solution adds that 12th graders could larn astir 2 historical Supreme Court decisions dealing with same-sex matrimony and employers prohibited from firing idiosyncratic for being gay.

"This is not astir beliefs. It's astir recognizing the struggle," said schoolhouse committee sponsor Lucia Baez-Geller. 

But immoderate accidental it volition interruption their parental rights, but the governor's bureau says it volition not interruption the Parental Bill of Rights that precocious was signed into law. That instrumentality prohibits acquisition successful sex individuality oregon intersexual predisposition for grades K done 3.

 In a written response, the politician s bureau said, "Observances bash not interruption the law."

"Curriculum components are wholly babelike upon their circumstantial contented and presentation. The Department of Education would reappraisal and find if determination is immoderate divergence with authorities standards."

Joan Murray


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