School bus bursts into flames during drop offs

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) - A thrust location for University City students seemed regular until a schoolhouse autobus burst into flames moments earlier everyone escaped conscionable successful time.

The autobus went up successful fume Wednesday day arsenic Brittany Woods Middle School students were heading home. Eighth-grader Jaidyn Conners was connected committee erstwhile the operator stopped adjacent Lynn and Lamb Avenues erstwhile fume swirled from nether the bus’ hood.

“It was benignant of scary due to the fact that I didn’t cognize what I was going to do. I had to hurry up and get disconnected the bus,” Conners said.

Jaidyn’s mother, Dana, said she hasn’t heard a connection from the schoolhouse territory since the frightening scenario.

“This could person been a full antithetic outcome. We could person truly been mourning the nonaccomplishment of our kids. That accelerated truthful I’m conscionable truthful thankful,” Danna Conners said. “A amended exigency program needs to beryllium enactment successful spot I consciousness due to the fact that close present I inactive haven’t heard from the schoolhouse territory and I inactive haven’t heard from transportation. I’ve talked to different parents who had children who were connected the autobus and nary 1 has reached retired to us.”

The vigor combined with monolithic flames forced firefighters to dispatch much manpower. University City Fire Department Battalion Chief Jon Bollinger said the fume appeared that it “could person been a location occurrence based connected however overmuch fume produced from that occurrence alone.”

It took 2 crews to enactment it out. Bollinger believes the occurrence started successful the motor compartment and made its mode into the cab.

Bollinger acknowledged the autobus operator whose speedy actions.

“His archetypal enactment was to halt what helium was doing and get everybody to information and it makes our occupation that overmuch easier,” helium said.

News 4 received the pursuing connection from the schoolhouse district:

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