School shooter who killed 3 students pleads case for parole, but says he still hears voices

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(CNN)A antheral who killed 3 students when helium was 14 years aged volition hold a spot longer to larn whether helium volition beryllium released connected parole.

Two members of the Kentucky Parole Board were incapable to scope a unanimous determination Tuesday successful the parole proceeding for Michael Carneal, who has served astir 25 years successful situation for the 1997 wide shooting astatine Heath High School successful Paducah, Kentucky.

The afloat parole committee volition see his lawsuit September 26 and marque a determination then, parole committee chairperson Ladeidra Jones said.

Carneal, present 39, pleaded his lawsuit Tuesday during the video league parole hearing.

Michael Carneal answered questions from a subordinate   of the Kentucky Parole Board connected  Tuesday.

"I've had 25 years to hole for today, and it inactive doesn't look similar it's happening," Carneal told Jones during his video league parole hearing.

Carneal was sentenced to beingness successful prison aft pleading blameworthy to 3 counts of murder, 5 counts of attempted murder, and a number of first-degree burglary. But Kentucky instrumentality requires that minors beryllium considered for parole aft 25 years.

At Tuesday's hearing, Carneal said helium has received aggregate intelligence wellness diagnoses and has agelong heard voices successful his caput -- including connected the time of the wide shooting.

"I was proceeding things. And I was highly hyper-suspicious. And I had felt for years feeling alienated and different," Carneal said.

He said connected December 1, 1997, helium heard a dependable telling him to "pick up the weapon retired of the backpack and clasp it successful beforehand of maine and shoot."

"There's nary justification oregon excuse for what I did," Carneal said. "I'm offering an explanation. I recognize there's nary excuse for what I did."

When asked whether helium inactive hears voices successful his head, Carneal said yes.

"Most of the time, it's things that mightiness wounded myself oregon thing similar that," helium said. For example, conscionable a fewer days ago, Carneal said a dependable told him to leap disconnected the stairs.

But now, Carneal said, helium knows erstwhile to disregard specified voices.

"I cognize present that that's not thing that I should do," helium said. "And I'm capable to not bash it and rationalize that it's not thing that I should do. And what I'm proceeding is not real."

Attorney: Carneal had paranoid scizophrenia

His nationalist defender has asked the parole committee to retrieve Carneal was lone 14 years aged during the wide shooting, was suffering from undiagnosed paranoid schizophrenia and was struggling with bullying and the modulation from mediate to precocious school.

A scarred assemblage  grapples with the shooter's upcoming parole hearing

In the 4th period since, Carneal "has committed himself to his intelligence wellness treatment, to participating successful disposable acquisition and vocational programs, and to being a adjuvant and affirmative idiosyncratic wrong the prison," lawyer Alana Meyer wrote this month.

"Despite his environment, helium has worked hard to amended himself and marque the champion retired of his situation."

Victims and families are divided connected whether parole should beryllium granted

A victims' proceeding was held Monday, and Carneal faced ample pushback to his requested merchandise -- from a section prosecutor, victims' household members and those who survived the wide shooting extracurricular Heath High School.

Chuck and Gwen Hadley -- whose 14-year-old daughter, Nicole Hadley, was 1 of the youngsters slain that time -- addressed the committee connected Monday, saying they miss Nicole's smile, consciousness of wit and "wonderful hugs."

They privation Carneal to walk his beingness successful prison, arsenic he's ne'er shown remorse oregon taken work for those helium wounded and killed, they told the board.

"We person missed Nicole's precocious schoolhouse graduation, her assemblage graduation, her wedding, her kids, our grandkids and galore birthdays and holidays together," Chuck Hadley told the board.

Christina Hadley Ellegood -- who often visits the chromatic monument memorializing her younger sister, Jessica James and Kayce Steger erstwhile she's having a hard time -- recovered Nicole connected the crushed aft she was shot.

She, too, told the committee she opposed parole for Carneal, saying Nicole ne'er got a accidental to recognize her dreams of graduating arsenic a valedictorian, attending the University of North Carolina, moving arsenic a WNBA carnal therapist, oregon moving a campy for peculiar needs kids.

"Nicole was fixed a beingness sentence. Michael (pleaded) to a beingness sentence," she said. "I judge that helium should person to walk the remainder of his beingness incarcerated. Nicole does not get a 2nd chance. Why should he?"

But 1 survivor, whom Carneal changeable successful the head, told the committee helium understood wherefore radical privation to support him successful situation but helium would ballot to springiness the convicted murderer different chance.

Survivor Hollan Holm opened his connection recounting the time helium was shot: "I was a 14-year-old child. I laid connected the level successful the lobby of Heath High School, bled from the broadside of my head, and believed I was going to die. I said a supplication and readied myself to die."

Paducah, Kentucky, schoolhouse  shooter makes plea for parole aft  25 years successful  prison

It took a twelve staples to repair his caput wound, helium said, but the intelligence and affectional scars are much profound. Holm inactive struggles successful crowds, and he's anxious if he's seated successful a edifice with his backmost to the door, helium said.

He scans the country for information and exit routes. Fireworks and popping balloons origin panic, and each schoolhouse shooting forces him to relive the time helium was shot, helium said.

But erstwhile helium thinks of Carneal, helium said, helium thinks of his oldest daughter, 10, and helium can't ideate holding her to the aforesaid modular to which he'd clasp an adult.

"If the metallic wellness experts deliberation helium tin beryllium palmy connected the outside, helium should get that chance," Holm said, saying helium understands the choler radical feel. "I consciousness that anger, too, but erstwhile I consciousness that anger, I deliberation astir the 14-year-old lad who acted that time and I deliberation of my ain children, and I deliberation the antheral that lad became should get the accidental to effort to bash and beryllium better."

Missy Jenkins looks astatine  a get-well paper  with her duplicate  sister, Mandy, astatine  a Kentucky infirmary  successful  1997.

Missy Jenkins Smith played successful the set with Carneal and recalls him being bullied and bullying others earlier the time she was changeable astatine property 15.

From the wheelchair successful which Carneal near her, Smith said she could talk for hours astir however she struggles without the usage of her legs -- getting retired bed, bathing, reaching cabinets, entering and exiting cars and the "embarrassment of peculiar accommodations that person to beryllium made wherever I go."

Where she is expected to beryllium taking attraction of her 12- and 15-year-old boys, she said, they are alternatively caring for her. Yet she won't beryllium capable to creation with them astatine their weddings.

Attorney: Carneal has a enactment system

In her missive to the parole board, Meyer said her lawsuit "has shown deep, genuine remorse and taken work for the shooting." He has besides sought to amended himself, maintaining a attraction programme for 20 years, completing his GED and an choler absorption program, and taking assemblage courses.

Carneal was suffering from the aboriginal stages of schizophrenia -- which is pugnacious to diagnose successful adolescents -- astatine the clip of the shooting, the lawyer wrote.

Leaning connected US Supreme Court cases indicating juvenile offenders person "greater prospects for reform," Meyer submitted a re-entry program showing Carneal would person a large woody of enactment from his household and aesculapian professionals.

Now housed astatine the Kentucky State Reformatory northeast of Louisville, Carneal volition determination successful with his parents successful Cold Spring, crossed the authorities from Paducah, if paroled, according to the re-entry program presented to the parole board.

Authorities escort Michael Carneal to his arraignment successful  January 1998.

His parents volition assistance him with finances, employment, lodging and proscription to doctor's appointments and meetings with his parole officer, the program says, adding helium volition beryllium referred to intelligence wellness programs successful Cold Spring and adjacent Erlanger.

"Michael is alert that immoderate apology rings hollow but is sincerely atrocious for each the carnal and affectional symptom helium has caused his victims and the Heath High School assemblage astatine large," the re-entry program says. "Though determination is thing helium tin bash present to erase that pain, helium plans to lend positively to nine successful immoderate mode helium perchance can."

Prosecutor Daniel Boaz told the committee helium was region lawyer astatine the clip of the shooting, which "shook america to the core, to enactment it mildly." The heinous quality of Carneal's transgression permitted authorities to dainty him arsenic an big nether Kentucky law, helium said, and the authorities should proceed treating him arsenic an big who should "pay for the consequences of his action."

CNN's Nouran Salahieh contributed to this report.

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