Sean Penn Sits With U.S. Capitol Police Officers During Jan. 6 Hearing

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Actor Sean Penn connected Thursday sat with immoderate of the constabulary officers who protected lawmakers astatine the U.S. Capitol past year, during the the 5th nationalist proceeding of the House prime committee investigating the Jan 6 insurrection.

Penn told CNN that helium was determination to observe and emphasized that helium was “just different citizen.”

“I deliberation we each saw what happened connected January 6, and present we’re looking to spot if justness comes connected the different broadside of it,” Penn told CNN.

The Academy Award victor and activistic blasted past year’s Jan. 6 insurrection erstwhile it occurred.

“Hell hath nary fury similar a narcissist scorned,” helium tweeted astatine the time, referring to erstwhile President Donald Trump:

Hell hath nary fury similar a narcissist scorned.

— Sean Penn (@SeanPenn) January 6, 2021

Penn sat alongside constabulary officers Michael Fanone (now retired), Harry Dunn, Daniel Hodges and Sgt. Aguilino Gonell, who person each shared their experiences battling Trump supporters astatine the Capitol.

Caroline Edwards, the archetypal U.S. Capitol Police serviceman injured successful the attack, characterized the country arsenic she grappled with the assemblage arsenic a “war zone.”

“I saw friends with humor each implicit their faces,” she said. “I was slipping successful people’s blood.”

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