Sen. Josh Hawley Mocked For The Most Baffling Take On Gender Yet

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Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) appears to beryllium gender-confused.

The blimpish lawmaker and running enthusiast precocious sent a fundraising email that suggested teaching children astir much than 1 sex was “transgender propaganda.” Any much than that goes “against nature, subject and communal sense.”

The baffling entreaty was spotted by Kenneth P. Vogel of The New York Times:

The connection asked readers if they privation to “keep Transphobic Propaganda OUT of our classrooms” and offered 2 options. The archetypal was: “YES - support transgender propaganda out.” The 2nd was the puzzling: “No - Teach young children determination is much than 1 gender.”

It didn’t instrumentality agelong for his critics connected Twitter to occurrence back:

"Hawley fundraising email warns against teaching kids there’s ‘more than 1 gender’"

Wait, yo @HawleyMO, if there's lone 1 gender...then I conjecture you've travel implicit to the they/them camp?

— Eric Garland (@ericgarland) September 22, 2022

He didn't misspeak, Hawley doesn't admit women arsenic being people. He lone sees them arsenic breeding machines. The lone morganatic sex that exists successful his satellite is men.

— #StopTheGopWarOnWomen (@dawsonjames498) September 22, 2022

In a fundraising email to his supporters, Josh Hawley asked folks to springiness to his run truthful helium could assistance halt schools from teaching that there's much than 1 gender. Not definite which sex helium plans to eliminate.

— Nita Cosby (@5_2blue) September 21, 2022
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