Sen. Ron Johnson Tries To Squirm Out Of Threats He Made To Social Security

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Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson has angrily denied that helium ever threatened the Social Security program — adjacent though helium has.

Johnson, a devoted Trump state who is trailing successful the polls successful the upcoming midterms, past period projected that backing for Social Security (and Medicare) beryllium decided twelvemonth by twelvemonth arsenic portion of “discretionary” spending programs. That would taxable backing to a perchance fierce partisan governmental conflict annually, jeopardizing a predictable income for some 69 cardinal Americans — astir of whom person paid into the programme their full moving lives.

Johnson insisted Sunday connected “Fox & Friends” that claims he’s retired to gut Social Security are a “lie.”

“All the Democrats tin bash is prevarication astir me,” said the testy senator. “The astir outrageous prevarication they’re telling astir maine close present is that I privation to chopped oregon extremity Social Security ... what elected authoritative would ever privation to chopped Social Security? It is absurd connected its face. I privation to prevention Social Security.”

Johnson warns successful his run website that Social Security benefits may person to beryllium “cut” without capable money to enactment the program. Yet Johnson enthusiastically voted during the Trump medication to slash firm taxes 40%, sucking an estimated $2.3 trillion retired of the American Treasury implicit 10 years.

Ben Nuckels, a Wisconsin-based Democratic strategist, said Johnson had stepped connected the “third rail” of American politics by threatening the stableness of Social Security and Medicare funding.

“Ron Johnson ne'er misses an accidental to instrumentality his ft successful his mouth,” Nuckels told The Hill. “Johnson opened up this large caller enactment of onslaught with his radical, utmost positions connected Social Security that voters 55 and implicit are going to beryllium acutely alert of. When you person 60 to 65% of the electorate supra the property of 50, that’s going to beryllium a large occupation for him,” helium said.

The Social Security contented is not the lone 1 Johnson is present trying to dodge.

He’s besides ducking his effort to present a slate of fake electors to erstwhile Vice President Mike Pence to overthrow the 2020 statesmanlike election. Now helium insists helium was lone progressive for “seconds,” and that helium truly had nary thought what was going on.

“I had virtually nary involvement,” the legislator told a newsman past month. “Literally, my engagement lasted seconds, OK?”

Johnson ne'er had the accidental to crook implicit the names of the fake electors due to the fact that Pence’s main of unit said they wouldn’t beryllium accepted.

One of the fake electors is connected Johnson’s run payroll. The Department of Justice is presently investigating fake electors successful Wisconsin and six different states and their crippled to overthrow the prime of voters, according to Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), seat of the House Jan. 6 commission.

Ron Johnson won't attest to the Jan. 6 Committee due to the fact that helium lone plotted to overthrow the predetermination for "a mates seconds."

"I had virtually nary involvement!" helium said. "Literally, my engagement lasted seconds. OK?"

— David Edwards (@DavidEdwards) August 21, 2022

Johnson presently appears to beryllium the astir susceptible of Republican senators successful the midterm elections. The 11-year Senate seasoned is trailing Democratic hostile Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes by a slim margin, according to caller polls, successful yet different illustration that extreme Trump loyalty mightiness not wage off successful the wide election.

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