Senator Ron Johnson Caught Faking Phone Call To Avoid Fake Elector Questions

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Facing searing questions astir the revelation helium tried to springiness mendacious predetermination documents to then-Vice President Mike Pence, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) opted to fake a telephone call.

He got caught doing that, too.

NBC News newsman Frank Thorp V spotted the Wisconsin Republican arsenic helium near the Capitol gathering Tuesday. Earlier that day, the House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, onslaught connected the Capitol aired damning texts sent by Johnson’s main of staff, Sean Riley, to a Pence staffer saying the legislator wanted to manus the vice president an ”[a]lternate slate of electors” ― the fake predetermination documents utilized to propulsion the thought that erstwhile President Donald Trump won successful states helium really lost.

“How overmuch did you cognize astir what your main of unit was doing with the alternate slates of electors?” Thorp asked Johnson, arsenic captured successful a video of the encounter.

“I’m connected the telephone close now,” Johnson said, pointing to the instrumentality and dismissively waving Thorp away.

“No you’re not,” Thorp replied. “I tin spot your phone. I tin spot your screen.”

Sen. Ron Johnson truthful overmuch didn't privation to speech to reporters astir his bureau trying to walk fake elector lists to the vice president's bureau that helium tried to unreal helium was connected the phone.

— Maddow Blog (@MaddowBlog) June 22, 2022

Caught successful the act, Johnson nevertheless continued the ruse, holding the telephone to his receptor successful a one-sided, soundless speech with nary one.

After 30 awkward seconds, the legislator enactment his telephone down ― inactive having not uttered a connection into it ― to archer reporters the evident bombshell is “a implicit non-story.”

“I don’t cognize what you’re adjacent acrophobic astir here,” helium said.

Johnson denied immoderate cognition of what transpired betwixt his main of unit and Mike Pence’s staff, saying helium had nary thought the falsified predetermination documents had “even been delivered to us.”

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