Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini indicted for fraud in Switzerland

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(CNN)Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini, erstwhile presidents of FIFA and UEFA, respectively, were indicted for fraud successful Switzerland connected Tuesday, according to the country's lawyer general.

The Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland (OAG) accuses some men of unlawfully arranging a outgo of 2 cardinal Swiss Francs (current worth US $2.19 million) from FIFA to Platini.

The lawyer wide laid retired the alleged offenses successful an online statement, which said that "between 1998 and 2002, Michel Platini worked arsenic a advisor for the past FIFA President Joseph Blatter.

    "In 1999, an yearly compensation of CHF 300,000 [current worth US $328,000] was agreed upon successful a written declaration for this advisory activity. This written declaration was signed by some Blatter and Platini. The compensation agreed successful accordance with this declaration was invoiced by Platini connected each juncture and paid successful afloat by FIFA."

      Then-FIFA President Sepp Blatter shakes hands with then-UEFA president   Michel Platini during the 65th FIFA Congress connected  May 29, 2015 successful  Zurich, Switzerland.

      However, successful 2011, much than 8 years aft his advisory declaration ended, "Platini demanded a outgo successful the magnitude of CHF 2 million. With Blatter's involvement, FIFA made a outgo to Platini successful said magnitude astatine the opening of 2011.

      "The grounds gathered by the OAG has corroborated that this outgo to Platini was made without a ineligible basis. This outgo damaged FIFA's assets and unlawfully enriched Platini," the connection says.

      Blatter: 'I anticipation that this communicative volition travel to an end'

      Blatter, 85, has been accused by the OAG of fraud, mismanagement, misappropriation and the forgery of a document. Platini, 66, is accused of fraud, participating successful misappropriation, participating successful mismanagement, arsenic an accomplice and the forgery of a document.

      In a connection to CNN connected Tuesday, Blatter said: "I look guardant to the proceedings earlier the Federal Criminal Court with optimism and I anticipation that this communicative volition travel to an extremity and that each the facts volition beryllium dealt with properly."

      "Regarding the outgo of the sum of 2 cardinal francs from FIFA to Michel Platini, I tin lone repetition myself: It was based connected an oral declaration that regulated Platini's advisory activities for FIFA betwixt 1998 and 2002," helium added.

      Blatter said the outgo to Platini was "approved by each liable FIFA bodies" and that Platini "paid taxation connected the magnitude astatine his Swiss spot of residence."

      Then-FIFA President Sepp Blatter arrives for a property   league  arsenic  absorption    to his banishment for 8  years by the FIFA morals  committee   astatine  FIFA's erstwhile  office  successful  Zurich connected  Dec. 21, 2015.

      Platini said successful a connection to CNN that the determination by the Swiss Public Prosecutor's Office (MPC) to indict him was "an hold of the MPC's relentlessness to privation to unduly implicate maine successful a lawsuit successful which my full bully religion had been recognized."

      "I afloat situation these unfounded and unfair accusations," helium added.

      FIFA: 'There are nary written records of immoderate specified agreement'

      "This determination relates to a sum of CHF 2 cardinal which Mr Blatter authorised to beryllium paid to Mr Platini successful February 2011," a FIFA spokesperson said successful a connection to CNN.

      "The outgo was made soon earlier the FIFA Presidential predetermination successful 2011 astatine which clip Mr Blatter was elected for a 4th consecutive word arsenic FIFA President. The sum of CHF 2 cardinal was supposedly owed to beryllium paid for enactment carried retired by Mr Platini much than 10 years before. There are nary written records of immoderate specified agreement," they added.

      "As antecedently announced, FIFA has already taken steps successful the Swiss courts to retrieve this sum from some individuals arsenic it considers the wealth to person been illicitly paid by 1 to the other. If and erstwhile the funds are successfully recovered, they volition beryllium channelled backmost into shot development, arsenic they should person been successful the archetypal place.

      Then-UEFA President Michel Platini looks connected  astatine  Sepp Blatter's 2015 re-election arsenic  FIFA President during the 65th FIFA Congress successful  Zurich, Switzerland.

      "The determination of the Office of the Attorney General comes aft an probe into the substance by the Swiss authorities that has, to date, lasted astir 6 years. Both Mr Blatter and Mr Platini were banned from shot successful 2015 successful transportation with this outgo and that prohibition was upheld some successful the Court of Arbitration for Sport and by the Swiss Federal Tribunal.

        "In 2020, the European Court of Human Rights unanimously declared Mr Platini's exertion inadmissible. FIFA volition intimately travel adjacent steps taken successful this matter."

        UEFA declined CNN's petition for comment.

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