Serena Williams’ girl Olympia mightiness beryllium amended suited for the transportation than the court. (Watch the clip below.)

In a video posted to her Instagram connected Monday, Olympia displayed fancy footwork and showmanship successful playing shot astatine a caller Angel City FC match. Check retired the no-look bottommost walk with a flourish!

The Los Angeles-based North American Soccer League women’s squad is partially owned by Olympia’s Reddit co-founder pop, Alexis Ohanian (who appears to marque a cameo arsenic Olympia scores a goal).

Olympia turns 5 adjacent month, but she’s already got a mini-version of her tennis champ mom’s wicked backhand.

Williams won 1 of her 23 Grand Slam singles titles, the 2017 Australian Open, portion large with Olympia, truthful her girl did get introduced to big-time sports early.

Olympia besides loves the piano, her ma erstwhile told Jimmy Kimmel.

In different words, she’s a kid.