Server Didn't Know She Seated Katy Perry ― And Left Work With A 'Generous' Tip

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Pop vocalist Katy Perry near a “generous” extremity for her server contempt making her hold for a array astatine a cafe connected Saturday.

Indianna Paull, a server astatine a Port Douglas, Australia, cafe, told Australian greeting amusement “Sunrise” that she encountered Perry ― wearing sunglasses and a chapeau ― erstwhile she asked for a array astatine her restaurant.

Paull explained she didn’t cognize who Perry was astatine archetypal and believed it made the vocalist not caput waiting for a table.

“In hindsight, I deliberation the crushed she wanted to get successful truthful atrocious is due to the fact that radical were moving astir taking photos of her,” Paull said.

Paull told the amusement she was shocked aft aboriginal uncovering retired that it was the “Firework” vocalist she’d made wait.

It didn’t deter Perry from leaving a “generous” extremity for her, however, arsenic the server said the unit treated her “normally.”

You tin ticker the afloat interrogation with the server who ran into Perry below.

"I deliberation due to the fact that I didn't recognise her was the crushed she was conscionable truthful relaxed and chill astir it"

Waitress Indianna Paull details what happened erstwhile she made euphony superstar Katy Perry hold for a array astatine a Port Douglas café.

— Sunrise (@sunriseon7) June 22, 2022
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