Seth Meyers Hits Glenn Youngkin With A 'Critical Race Theory' Supercut

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Seth Meyers connected Wednesday ripped Republican Glenn Youngkin, winner of Virginia’s hotly contested gubernatorial race, implicit his signature issue: captious contention theory.

Although captious contention mentation is not portion of the program successful K-12 nationalist schools, Youngkin took the taxable and ran with it, embracing the civilization warfare issue fueled by conservatives and right-wing media. He pledged to prohibition it from being taught successful nationalist schools.

Critical contention mentation is an world model typically taught successful universities that is centered connected the thought that racism is embedded successful American institutions, creating lingering systemic inequities for radical of color. Conservatives often conflate it with immoderate teachings astir racism successful U.S. past and impeach Democrats of trying to thatch it to schoolchildren.

After airing a montage connected “Late Night” of conscionable a fistful of the galore times Youngkin referenced captious contention mentation during his campaign, Meyers observed: “He said it truthful galore times you’d deliberation helium was trying to summon it Beetlejuice style.”

“Maybe heard an municipality fable that if you accidental captious contention mentation 3 times into a reflector your 14-year-old volition go ‘woke,’” Meyers added. “So Republicans of Fox News person successfully weaponized the panic implicit alleged captious contention theory. But I’m sorry, it shouldn’t beryllium extremist to thatch children astir the past of racism successful American society.”

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