Seth Meyers Mocks 'Glutton For Humiliation' Ted Cruz Over Latest Hypocrisy

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Every present and then, a communicative comes on that neatly captures conscionable however “craven and ghoulish” the modern GOP has become, Seth Meyers said connected “Late Night” Thursday.

In this instance, it involves Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who criticized California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) for asking constituents to conserve vigor for a fewer hours earlier this week to debar blackouts. According to Cruz, due to the fact that Newsom was wearing a overgarment during the address, helium was “obviously successful chill aerial conditioning saying, ‘Let them devour cake, fto them sweat. You don’t get aerial conditioning.’”

Meyers noted that during an vigor situation successful Cruz’s ain state, helium fled to Cancun portion Texans froze during a deadly wintertime storm. But, Cruz decided to “chime successful connected the full happening successful a mode that revealed a implicit deficiency of shame and aforesaid consciousness for nary different crushed than he’s seemingly conscionable a glutton for humiliation,” Meyers said.

Watch beneath connected “Late Night”:

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