Seth Meyers Pinpoints Moment Trump 'Lost His F**king Mind' On Fox News

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According to Seth Meyers, “Donald Trump went connected Fox News past nighttime and mislaid his fucking mind.”

The infinitesimal successful question? When the erstwhile president declared to Fox NewsSean Hannity that helium could simply declassify authorities documents with his caput erstwhile helium was successful the White House.

“There doesn’t person to beryllium a process, arsenic I recognize it. You know, there’s antithetic radical accidental antithetic things, but arsenic I recognize determination doesn’t person to be,” Trump said. “If you’re the president of the United States, you tin declassify conscionable by saying, ‘It’s declassified.’ Even by reasoning astir it.”

Meyers was aghast.

“Despite being served softball question aft softball question, [Trump] afloat disintegrated into a sweaty, red-faced, rambling, incoherent mess,” helium said. “It’s astonishing that Trump continues to person the assurance of a antheral who is acceptable for thing portion being prepared for nothing. If Trump was connected ‘Family Feud,’ helium would buzz successful earlier helium got asked a question.”

Watch Thursday’s “Late Night” monologue below:

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