Seth Rogen Got High Before Adele's TV Special And Totally Freaked Out

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Seth Rogen has immoderate questions for Adele — oregon astatine the precise slightest for her selling team.

The histrion told Jimmy Fallon connected Wednesday that erstwhile helium archetypal got an invitation to the singer’s CBS lawsuit “One Night Only,” helium was nether the content that it was a “small Adele concert.”

With that presumption successful mind, Rogen and his woman Lauren Miller made the associated (sorry) determination to “smoke a ton of weed” earlier the show.

But erstwhile the mates arrived astatine Los Angeles’ Griffith Park and saw movie crews, tv cranes and drones, they realized that their presumptions of an intimate amusement mightiness person been fractional baked (sorry again). Nonetheless, Rogen said helium inactive had a glimmer of anticipation that the lawsuit wasn’t the spectacle that it appeared to be.

“And past the archetypal idiosyncratic I spot is Oprah Winfrey,” Rogen said of the media mogul whose interview with Adele was featured during the televised performance event. “And I was similar ‘Oh no, I deliberation it’s a large tv special.’”

Seth Rogen with Lauren Miller successful  November.
Seth Rogen with Lauren Miller successful November.

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Rogen continued:

“And past maine and my woman were like, ‘OK possibly [we can] slink into the background? You know, similar we’ll conscionable beryllium successful the backmost and it’s fine. We are not equipped mentally to woody with doing this close now.’ So we spell up to the desk, they springiness america our tickets and our spot numbers virtually are 1A and 1B. And I’m like, ‘Oh, no! That sounds close!’’”

The cookware entrepreneur past got beauteous blunt (we similar puns, OK?) astir however awkward helium felt sitting successful the beforehand row, wholly high, with a “camera virtually pointed astatine my face.”

“The full clip I conscionable tried to look cool, which is not a steadfast thought to have,” Rogen said. “And for maine astatine Adele — it was hard for maine to look chill due to the fact that I’m uncomfortable. I’m excessively close.”

He besides questioned wherefore helium scored beforehand enactment seats erstwhile determination were “so galore much celebrated radical than maine present who should beryllium sitting wherever I’m sitting.”

“And I could conscionable consciousness them beryllium insulted that I had specified a bully seat,” Rogen said. “I was successful beforehand of Drake! There is nary satellite wherever I should beryllium successful beforehand of Drake.”

He noted that Ellen DeGeneres and Kris Jenner were besides seated further back.

“I consciousness similar Leonardo DiCaprio is down maine reasoning like, ‘Did Seth Rogen constitute “Rolling successful the Deep?” Is that wherefore he’s truthful close?’”

The happening that seemed to bewilder Rogen the astir astir his seats astatine the concert, however, is that helium doesn’t adjacent cognize Adele personally.

“I’ve ne'er met [her],” Rogen said. “I don’t cognize Adele! Adele, [if] you’re watching this, wherefore did you bash that?”

Rogen’s stoned befuddlement was seen by 9.9 cardinal viewers erstwhile it aired connected Nov. 14; “One Night Only” was the most-watched amusement peculiar since the 2020 Oscars, Variety reported.

“I deliberation it’s the astir fashionable happening I’ve ever been successful in my full life,” Rogen said. “Like, there’s radical I cognize who person not watched my past 5 movies who person been texting me, being like, ‘You were astonishing astatine that Adele concert. It looked incredible!’”

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