Shakira Opens Up About Tax Fraud Trial: 'I've Paid Everything They Claimed I Owed'

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World-famous for songs similar “Hips Don’t Lie” and “Whenever, Wherever,” Shakira won 3 Grammys and performed astatine the Super Bowl successful 2020. For astir 4 years, however, she’s faced multimillion-dollar taxation evasion charges successful Spain — which she rejects arsenic utterly baseless.

The Colombian popular prima told Elle connected Wednesday that prosecutors were incorrect to assertion that she spent 183 days successful Spain each twelvemonth from 2012 to 2014 and frankincense qualified arsenic a tax-paying resident. She was indicted aft listing the Bahamas arsenic her residence and now faces up to 8 years successful prison.

“I person to combat for what I believe,” she told Elle, “because these are mendacious accusations. First of all, I didn’t walk 183 days per twelvemonth astatine that clip astatine all. I was engaged fulfilling my nonrecreational commitments astir the world. Second, I’ve paid everything they claimed I owed, adjacent earlier they filed a lawsuit.”

Spanish prosecutors initially filed charges against Shakira successful December 2018, accusing her of failing to wage 14.5 cardinal euros (then $16.3 million) successful taxes. Following a astir three-year probe, Judge Marco Juberías found “sufficient grounds of criminality” to urge that her lawsuit spell to trial.

Shakira told Elle that she was advised during her taxation filings by PricewaterhouseCoopers, which she rightly described arsenic “one of the 4 biggest taxation specializer firms successful the world.” She said she rejected a plea woody and opted for a proceedings due to the fact that “I was assured that I was doing things correctly.”

Shakira and shot    subordinate    Gerard Piqué, pictured successful  2016, separated earlier this twelvemonth  aft  much  than a decennary  unneurotic  arsenic  a couple.
Shakira and shot subordinate Gerard Piqué, pictured successful 2016, separated earlier this twelvemonth aft much than a decennary unneurotic arsenic a couple.

Robert Marquardt via Getty Images

“Even without grounds to enactment these fictional claims ... [Spanish taxation authorities have] resorted to a salacious property run to effort to sway people, and use unit successful the media on with the menace of reputational harm successful bid to coerce colony agreements,” she told Elle.

Shakira’s comments travel astatine what she called “the darkest hr of my life,” amid different troubles specified arsenic her difficult breakup with shot subordinate Gerard Piqué. She said Piqué’s nationality had besides unwittingly worsened her ineligible ordeals.

“While Gerard and I were dating, I was connected a satellite tour,” she told Elle. “I spent much than 240 days extracurricular of Spain, truthful determination was nary mode I qualified arsenic a resident. The Spanish taxation authorities saw that I was dating a Spanish national and started to salivate.”

She continued: “It’s wide they wanted to spell aft that wealth nary substance what. Even for the adjacent fewer years, I was traveling the world, moving nonstop. … But they inactive came aft me.”

While a proceedings day has yet to beryllium acceptable successful the taxation fraud case, the embattled vocalist has immoderate high-profile friends boosting her temper until the clip comes. From rapper sending her prayers to Coldplay’s Chris Martin regularly checking in, Shakira appears to person nary shortage of support.

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