Should My Brother’s Bias Dictate Our Thanksgiving Plans?

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Style|Should My Brother’s Bias Dictate Our Thanksgiving Plans?

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A reader’s household members accidental they won’t travel to New York City aft seeing footage of disorderly protests.

Nov. 4, 2021, 9:03 a.m. ET

For 10 years, I person hosted Thanksgiving for my extended family. My member and his household ever articulation us. This year, my woman and I were excited to invited everyone to our caller flat successful Manhattan. But my member dismissed the idea: He said his family, including his woman and teenage daughters, are acrophobic to spell to immoderate metropolis aft the sweeping protests pursuing the execution of George Floyd. I americium annoyed that they’re placing much religion successful their slanted newsfeeds, which amplified footage of disorderly demonstrators, than successful our accounts of radical marching passionately but peacefully successful our neighborhood. We could ever big astatine our tiny cottage successful the country, but it would beryllium cramped. Thoughts?


My parent didn’t attraction for accepted Thanksgiving fare. (“Too bland!”) So, to minimize her yearly commentary connected turkey and mashed potatoes, I added immoderate spicy Lebanese nutrient to the menu. Few of america are strangers to bossy guests. And sometimes we spell on to get along.

Your member raises similar, but thornier issues: The protests took spot implicit a twelvemonth agone now. They were mostly peaceful past and airs nary menace to anyone today. And New York is mostly harmless — surely arsenic harmless arsenic immoderate different large city. Still, these whitethorn not beryllium the takeaways from your brother’s quality diet. The question for you is whether you’re consenting to wit his governmental bias to person him astatine your vacation table.

My advice: Have a heart-to-heart with him. Tell him you emotion him and his family, and that you would ne'er enactment them successful danger. You tin stock transgression statistic if you like, but information is astir apt not the solution here. Ask him to spot you instead. Assure him that your vicinity is safe. And archer him you anticipation they come.

Now, you whitethorn beryllium consenting to big them successful the country. That’s your call. But don’t bash it if you’ll extremity up resenting them. The favoritism successful my mother’s lawsuit is that, heavy down, I hold with her astir Thanksgiving food.


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Two colleagues of excavation were placed connected administrative permission aft they refused to instrumentality the Covid-19 vaccine. I person not replied to the farewell emails they sent maine due to the fact that I deliberation my leader was justified successful putting them connected leave. We enactment astatine a hospital, but they don’t “trust the science.” I don’t consciousness adjacent capable to either of them to prosecute their paranoid foolishness. My instinct is not to respond. I don’t privation to beryllium enactment successful presumption wherever I’m asked to sympathize with them. Your thoughts?


Personally, it takes much vigor for maine to disregard radical than to find a mode to admit them. (That you wrote this missive suggests you whitethorn beryllium similar.) How astir a elemental reply: “I’ll miss seeing you astatine the hospital. I anticipation you reconsider taking the vaccine and travel backmost to enactment soon.” All true, right? And nary request to prosecute further if they motorboat into baseless conspiracy theories oregon mendacious claims of victimhood.

I person been a Big Brothers mentor for six years to a lad who is present 17. He is simply a good young man. We stock a emotion of eating out, truthful we often spell to restaurants during our clip together. The problem: Apparently, nary 1 taught him not to bid the astir costly point connected the paper erstwhile idiosyncratic is treating him to meal — peculiarly if his big does not. Before our past dinner, I played up the restaurant’s burgers and pastas, which are reasonably priced. I ordered an $18 entree. My Little Brother ordered a $14 appetizer and a $36 portion steak. I tin spend it, but it leaves a sour sensation successful my mouth. Advice?


Isn’t the constituent of being a Big Brothers mentor to woody straight with issues similar this? Big Brothers Big Sisters of America caters to children who look disadvantages of each kinds. You haven’t shared your mentee’s story, but it’s imaginable that edifice dynamics person not played a large portion successful his life.

So speech to him. Say, “When radical dainty you to a edifice meal, effort to travel their pb by ordering things that outgo astir arsenic overmuch arsenic theirs do. They whitethorn not beryllium capable to spend the astir costly items connected the menu, oregon you whitethorn offend them by ordering lavishly. Does that marque sense?” This whitethorn pb to an absorbing treatment of the contented and the (strange) limits of generosity.

A beloved person died precocious astatine the property of 47. When she was ill, she tried to springiness maine a ringing of hers that I ever admired, but I demurred. (It felt grabby.) Now I spot her sister is wearing the ring. Can I accidental thing astir her precocious sister’s wishes?


I wouldn’t. I recognize wherefore you refused the connection of the ringing portion your person was ill. But you refused it. Now her sister, who is besides grieving, has claimed the ring, apt successful grant of her precocious sister. Mourn your person but permission her jewelry retired of it.

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