Sick Dog Tied To Pole With Heartbreaking Note: 'She Needs To Be Put Down’

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A canine with a rare, terrible bosom information was seemingly abandoned by idiosyncratic who could not attraction for her anymore.

Remy, a 4-year-old Staffy mix, was recovered tied to a rod Sunday extracurricular the Greenville Humane Society successful South Carolina. Staff astatine the Humane Society told section quality transmission WYFF that according to information footage, Remy appeared to person been tied up Saturday night, and wasn’t discovered until the adjacent morning.

Whoever near the pup besides near a handwritten note. As seen successful a photograph posted by the structure connected Facebook, the enactment explains that Remy has wellness issues and her proprietor “could not instrumentality attraction of her the mode she needed to be.”

“She has illnesses I don’t judge are fixable,” the enactment reads. “She needs to beryllium Put Down arsenic soon arsenic possible.”

Rachel Delport, the shelter’s CEO, told WYFF that she doesn’t deliberation the proprietor had malicious intent.

“It was idiosyncratic who genuinely wanted the champion for her, and conscionable didn’t cognize what to do,” Delport said.

The structure said connected Facebook that upon discovering Remy, unit members “immediately brought her inside, gave her food, and began a thorough veterinary evaluation.”

Remy appeared to person a tegument information that the structure chalked up to a mediocre diet. But the aesculapian exam besides revealed thing overmuch much concerning.

“Unfortunately, it was determined that Remy is suffering from a people six bosom murmur, which is the astir terrible and tin often beryllium felt done the thorax wall,” the shelter’s station reads. The station says the “serious condition” volition necessitate an echocardiogram. Remy whitethorn besides request country oregon a lifelong medicine regimen, which Delport told WYFF would beryllium “very expensive.”

Delport said there’s been a surge successful abandoned pets “everywhere,” and that 15 animals person been near extracurricular the Greenville installation successful the past 2 weeks. The structure besides noted connected Facebook that Remy is 1 of 96 sick oregon injured animals successful its care.

Due to this, the structure is asking for donations to its Hope Fund to assistance these ailing animals.

Delport told WYFF that she understands the reasons wherefore galore radical godforsaken their pets. She urged radical who consciousness overwhelmed to scope retired to the humane society.

“We ne'er privation to spot an carnal abandoned, but if you’re trying successful to question help, delight springiness america a call,” Delport said. “See however we tin help, and bash things the close way.”

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