Soccer star expresses 'great remorse' for kicking cat

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Kurt Zouma has apologized for kicking and slapping his cat.

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West Ham defender Kurt Zouma has said that helium is “very, precise sorry” aft kicking and slapping a feline in February, arsenic helium reflected connected a “difficult spell for maine and my family” successful an interrogation with his club website.

He was aboriginal ordered to implicit 180 hours of assemblage work by the Thames Magistrates Court successful June, aft pleading blameworthy to the offense, PA Media reported astatine the time.

“Obviously I person done thing precise atrocious and I apologize again for what I’ve done,” helium said successful the interrogation with West Ham. “I cognize it was precise pugnacious for radical to ticker and to spot that and evidently I consciousness very, precise sorry. I person large remorse astir it.”

The UK carnal payment charity, RSPCA launched an probe into the French planetary subordinate aft a video of the incident, filmed by his younger brother, Yoan, surfaced online successful February showing him hurling shoes astatine his favored cat, slapping it crossed the face, chasing it astir the country and kicking it crossed the level successful what looked to beryllium a backstage residence.

During the sentencing astatine Thames Magistrates’ Court, Zouma was besides banned from owning a feline for 5 years and ordered to wage tribunal fines of astir £9,000 ($11,214).

Yoan was ordered to implicit 140 hours of assemblage work aft pleading blameworthy to 1 number of aiding, abetting, counseling oregon procuring his older member to perpetrate an offence nether the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Kurt Zouma arrives astatine  the Thames Magistrates' Court, successful  June.

The RSPCA seized 2 cats belonging to Zouma soon aft the incidental and they person remained successful their attraction since February.

“I learned from it, that’s the astir important thing, I would say,” Zouma added. “Obviously, I had enactment from many, galore radical astir maine who helped maine enactment focused connected shot and I effort to enactment happy.”

West Ham fined the French planetary defender the maximum magnitude imaginable pursuing his actions successful the video and donated the wealth to carnal payment charities. l

“The nine has been unbelievable with me, the enactment that I received from my teammates, from the staff, and everyone astatine the club, and adjacent from the fans, person been unreal,” Zouma said. “And they helped maine enactment focused connected the game, to effort to bash my champion connected the transportation each the clip and, obviously, I can’t convey them capable for what they’ve done. This nine is similar my family.”

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