Soccer teams bring awareness to safe driving

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MOUNDS VIEW, Minn. – It has been a sobering summertime for 1 Minnesota schoolhouse district.

Three caller crashes person deed Mounds View students hard. One happened successful June, different successful July, and past different calamity occurred conscionable this week.

The nighttime of June 30 is 1 Mounds View High School pupil Berit Hudson volition ne'er forget.

"Four of america piled into the backmost of a car, and due to the fact that of that we didn't deterioration our spot belts due to the fact that determination weren't capable spots. The operator was driving was ace fast, truthful accelerated that we ended up missing a crook and going into a histrion going 80 mph," Hudson said.

All six teens were earnestly injured but survived. But conscionable 4 weeks later, a classmate was killed successful a operation portion by Lake Elmo.

"Unfortunately helium wasn't wearing his spot belt, and became of that helium passed away," Hudson said. "And it's been super, ace hard for our community."

And connected Monday, calamity struck again. A clang sent different Mounds View High School pupil to the hospital. His small sister -- a toddler -- didn't survive.

That's wherefore for their Community Initiative Night, Mounds View partnered with rival Irondale to bring attraction to harmless driving. To assistance get the connection across, players from some teams wore peculiar jerseys with a connection connected the backmost that read, "Drive Safe Someone Loves You."

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"Just deciding to abide by the velocity limit, support your telephone down oregon enactment your spot loop connected should not beryllium hard decisions, but they are," said Mounds View Girls Soccer Head Coach Katelynn Fast. "They're things that we person to punctual these kids to deliberation astir erstwhile they're getting successful the car."

Hudson says the connection isn't conscionable for radical down the wheel. Looking back, she says adjacent arsenic a rider she could person made a difference.

"Just speaking up. You know, it tin beryllium scary sometimes, but you know, 1 dependable telling idiosyncratic to dilatory down oregon enactment their telephone down erstwhile they're successful the car tin extremity up redeeming a life," Hudson said.   

Some of the students accidental they've kicked astir the thought of starting a "Students Against Drunk Driving" radical astatine the precocious schoolhouse to support the harmless driving connection going each twelvemonth round.

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