Soleil Moon Frye visits Ukraine and urges Americans not to become 'indifferent' to the war

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03:09 - Source: CNN

Soleil Moon Frye recounts sojourn with refugees successful Ukraine and Poland

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Actress Soleil Moon Frye spent 1 week with Ukrainian refugees and is urging the nationalist to bash what they tin to help.

Frye was connected the crushed with CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort), Sean Penn’s exigency alleviation nonprofit which has supported catastrophe responses successful the US and astir the world. She traveled to the portion alongside chap committee members and the organization’s co-founder and CEO Ann Lee to supply exigency alleviation supplies and indispensable resources.

Frye met with Ukrainian refugees who person fled to Poland and listened to their affectional stories.

“The stories are gut wrenching,” Frye told CNN successful a caller interview. “Everything from children who person been surviving successful a gymnasium for 5 months to these unthinkable families who I met who had conscionable travel implicit 12 hours earlier, 3 children with the apparel connected their back.”

Frye besides crossed the borderline into Western Ukraine, explaining that the radical she met with determination did not privation to flee, contempt the warfare going connected astir them.

Soleil Moon Frye is moving   with CORE to supply  indispensable  resources to Ukrainian refugees.

“Some of these families who I came to emotion truthful much, their parents are elderly. They can’t beryllium that acold distant from them [or] their husbands are each warring … they’re successful a presumption successful which they are determination with axenic bosom and psyche to enactment successful the state that they love.”

“This is simply a existent humanitarian situation and past repeats itself,” Frye added. “If we bash not proceed to shed airy past radical go indifferent and indifference is simply a immense issue. We person to person to retrieve and transportation the hearts of these radical with us.”

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