Sophie Turner Reveals Why She Shut Down Kendall Jenner At The Met Gala

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Actor Sophie Turner revealed Friday that she shuts down chap celebrities not due to the fact that she doesn’t similar them, but due to the fact that she likes them excessively much.

“I’m truly atrocious astir celebrities. I can’t rather fathom that I’m really invited to these things and I’m not a contention winner,” the “Game of Thrones” alum told “The Tonight Show” big Jimmy Fallon of the high-profile bashes she attends.

“Every personage I travel into interaction with, I similar enactment up oregon accidental thing anserine and precocious it’s been, if a personage interacts with me, I instantly conscionable unopen them down and I’m like, ‘I don’t privation thing to bash with you,’” Turner explained.

Turner recalled rejecting exemplary and world TV prima Kendall Jenner’s invitation to an after-party astatine this year’s Met Gala.

“I emotion the Kardashians but I deliberation she’s truthful gorgeous successful existent beingness and I was truthful struck by her beauty. They were having this low-key after-party, she went, ‘Do you privation to come?’ and I conscionable went, ‘No. No. No, I don’t.’”

“Why bash I bash this to myself?” she mocked herself.

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