'Sopranos' Creator Finally Explains What Happened To Tony

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“Sopranos” creator David Chase is yet coming cleanable astir what happened to Tony Soprano successful the abrupt bid finale successful 2007.

The HBO series’ last moments amusement Tony Soprano (played by James Gandolfini) sitting successful a edifice portion Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” plays. Then the surface goes blank.

Since then, fans person debated the ending and what it revealed, oregon didn’t reveal, astir what happened to Soprano.

“I had nary thought it would origin that overmuch … of an uproar,” Chase told The Hollywood Reporter successful a caller podcast.

Chase is present revealing his thoughts connected the edifice scene, but he’s besides admitting helium didn’t initially program to extremity the six-season bid that way.

“I had a country successful which Tony comes backmost from a gathering successful New York successful his car,” Chase explained. “At the opening of each show, helium came from New York into New Jersey, and the past country could beryllium him coming from New Jersey backmost into New York for a gathering astatine which helium was going to beryllium killed.”

Chase said astir 2 years earlier the country was filmed, helium drove by a edifice successful Bloomfield, New Jersey, that inspired him.

“It was benignant of similar a shack that served breakfast. And for immoderate crushed I thought, ‘Tony should get it successful a spot similar that.’ Why? I don’t know,” helium said.

The bid didn’t amusement the quality being killed, and Chase was amazed by however immoderate radical reacted.

“It was benignant of unthinkable to me. But I had nary thought it would beryllium that overmuch of an uproar,” Chase said. “And was it annoying? What was annoying was however galore radical wanted to spot Tony killed. That bothered me.

The show’s fans “wanted to know that Tony was killed. They wanted to spot him spell face-down successful linguini, you know? And I conscionable thought, ’God, you watched this feline for 7 years, and I cognize he’s a criminal. But don’t archer maine you don’t emotion him successful immoderate way, don’t archer maine you’re not connected his broadside successful immoderate way. And present you privation to spot him killed? You privation justness done? You’re a transgression aft watching this crap for 7 years.′ That bothered me, yeah.”

You tin perceive Chase crockery astir the bid successful the podcast below.

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