South Korea's new President Yoon Suk Yeol urges North Korean denuclearization in inauguration address

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South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol takes the inauguration oath successful  beforehand   of the National Assembly successful  Seoul connected  May 10.

(CNN)South Korea's caller President Yoon Suk Yeol promised an "audacious plan" to fortify North Korea's system successful speech for denuclearization successful his inauguration code Tuesday.

Yoon, a blimpish from the People Power Party, gave the remarks aft being sworn successful arsenic the country's newest person successful a ceremonial successful the superior Seoul, replacing outgoing President Moon Jae-in.

"Today, we are faced with aggregate crises," Yoon said, pointing to the Covid-19 pandemic, clime change, and a big of economical and societal issues.

    "As the caller President, I americium profoundly humbled by the awesome work to pb our federation retired of the latest crises," helium added. "I americium besides grateful to beryllium entrusted by the radical of this large nation. I americium assured that erstwhile again, we volition overcome."

      How South Korea's caller   president   could shingle  up   the region

      Speaking successful beforehand of parliament, Yoon called North Korea's atomic weapons program a "threat" to the region. But, helium added, the doorway to dialog and peaceful solution remains unfastened -- and helium wanted to assistance amended beingness successful North Korea successful instrumentality for greater security.

      "If North Korea genuinely embarks connected a process to implicit denuclearization, we are prepared to enactment with the planetary assemblage to contiguous an audacious program that volition vastly fortify North Korea's system and amended beingness for its people," helium said.

      Denuclearization would "greatly lend to bringing lasting bid and prosperity connected the Korean Peninsula and beyond," helium added.

        During his predetermination campaign, Yoon promised to instrumentality a tougher stance connected North Korea -- a departure from Moon's approach, which had consistently promoted peaceful reconciliation.

        By contrast, Yoon has vowed not to easiness sanctions oregon hole a bid pact until the North "makes progressive efforts successful implicit and verifiable denuclearization," saying earlier this twelvemonth helium would physique "a almighty subject unit that tin assuredly deter immoderate provocation."

        Tensions betwixt the Koreas person tally peculiarly precocious precocious amid a caller surge successful North Korean rocket testing. North Korea fired a short-range ballistic rocket on Saturday -- the 2nd trial that week alone, and the 14th rocket trial truthful acold this year.

        Kim Jong Un vows afloat  velocity  up  for North Korea's atomic  program, arsenic  helium  flaunts ICBM missiles

        By comparison, it conducted lone 4 tests successful 2020, and 8 successful 2021.

        Yoon besides addressed a fig of home issues astatine the inauguration, including rising unemployment and slowing economical growth. He promised to reverse this and to promote "social mobility," highlighting technological advancement and technological advancement arsenic cardinal priorities successful gathering the economy.

        The code was followed by the nationally televised opening of the Blue House, the statesmanlike office, and a fig of performances by a choir and orchestra.

          Yoon is simply a newcomer to politics, having spent the past 27 years of his vocation arsenic a prosecutor. He began his governmental vocation aft starring high-profile investigations into corruption scandals that plagued Moon's aides.

          He won the statesmanlike election successful March by a razor-thin margin, against wide rival Lee Jae-myung. Yoon's triumph enactment the Korean authorities backmost successful blimpish hands, much than 5 years aft blimpish Park Geun-hye was impeached implicit her ain corruption scandal.

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