SpaceX says 5G expansion would make Starlink 'unusable' for most Americans

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A stack of Starlink satellites are captured connected  camera aft  reaching abstraction  aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

New York (CNN Business)SpaceX, Dish Network and different 5G providers are locked successful a heated conflict implicit vigor frequencies, which SpaceX says it needs for its orbital net service, Starlink, and which Dish says it needs for its ain customers.

SpaceX is claiming that, if national regulators let 5G wireless networks to usage a definite set of spectrum, it tin origin wide outages for its Starlink net customers. Spectrum refers to a scope of vigor frequencies, and national regulators intimately defender what companies are allowed to usage which frequencies truthful that signals don't interfere with 1 another.

In a statement, SpaceX targeted Dish Network, which, though chiefly known arsenic a outer TV company, besides has a cellular network. SpaceX claims that Dish has attempted to "mislead" the Federal Communications Commission, which allocates spectrum usage crossed telecom companies, and enactment guardant a "faulty analysis" successful an effort to beryllium that allowing Dish to grow its 5G web would not interaction Starlink users.

    When reached for comment, Dish said lone that its "expert engineers are evaluating SpaceX's claims successful the filing."

      At the basal of the standoff is the 12 GHz band, a portion of vigor frequencies that are chiefly utilized for services similar Starlink and its outer net rival OneWeb.

      In a fiery missive to the FCC, SpaceX's elder manager of outer policy, David Goldstein, writes that "no tenable engineer" could judge the studies enactment guardant by Dish and its allies. He besides urges the FCC to analyse whether the Dish Network and RS Access, different wireless provider, "filed intentionally misleading reports."

      SpaceX conducted its ain investigation that it claims "corrects immoderate of the egregious assumptions" made successful Dish and RS Access' studies.

        "If Dish's lobbying efforts succeed, our survey shows that Starlink customers volition acquisition harmful interference much than 77% of the clip and full outage of work 74% of the time, rendering Starlink unusable for astir Americans," SpaceX said successful a statement.

        The 5Gfor12GHz Coalition — a radical of manufacture stakeholders that includes wireless providers specified arsenic Dish — said its engineers were besides reviewing the filing "in depth" and "remain committed to moving successful bully religion with the FCC and stakeholders to guarantee that the American nationalist is capable to reap the immense benefits of 5G services successful this band."

        The Coalition pointed to a study carried retired by an autarkic steadfast that recovered 99.85% of customers utilizing Starlink and akin services "will acquisition 0 harmful interference with 5G."

        The FCC did not instantly reply to a petition for comment.

        FCC chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel, a Democrat, called this lawsuit "one of the astir analyzable dockets we have" astatine a House hearing successful March.

        It's "going to instrumentality a batch of method enactment to marque definite that the airwaves tin accommodate each those antithetic uses without harmful interference," she said. "I tin guarantee you that we person our champion engineers assessing this close now."

        Spectrum rights battles similar this 1 are thing new. Satellite and telecom companies often conflict amongst each different for what they presumption arsenic the astir desirable bands of spectrum. The existent standoff implicit the 12 GHz set of spectrum has been going connected for much than year, and it's a abstracted contented than 5G battles implicit C-band spectrum oregon a caller scare implicit interference with airplanes.

          Dish has previously lashed retired astatine SpaceX, saying its plans to enactment Starlink terminals connected moving vehicles is amerciable and could interfere with Dish's outer TV customers.

          Dish had astir 8.2 cardinal wireless subscribers arsenic of May and hopes to dramatically grow that business. Public filings revealed earlier this twelvemonth that SpaceX has much than 400,000 Starlink customers worldwide.

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