Special Master Chastises Trump's Legal Team With Now-Viral 'Cake' Comment

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If Donald Trump thought the special maestro assigned to reappraisal records seized during an an FBI hunt of Mar-a-Lago past period would bash him immoderate peculiar favors, helium was mistaken.

Federal Judge Raymond Dearie repeatedly chided the erstwhile president’s lawyers for refusing to supply grounds to backmost up Trump’s assertion that each those highly delicate documents related to nationalist information that were discovered successful his Florida residence and backstage nine were really declassified.

In a missive to Dearie connected Monday night, the lawyers said that contented could beryllium portion of Trump’s defence if he’s indicted, according to The Associated Press.

However, Dearie seemed skeptical. He told Trump’s lawyers connected Tuesday that if they volition not really asseverate that the records person been declassified and if the Justice Department makes an acceptable lawsuit that they stay classified, past “as acold arsenic I’m concerned, that’s the extremity of it.”

“You can’t person your barroom and devour it,” is however Dearie summed up his position.

Although Trump keeps claiming that each of the records believed to person been successful his possession were declassified, his lawyers person not made that statement to the court, though they person repeatedly asserted that a president has implicit authorization to declassify information.

Julie Edelstein, a Justice Department lawyer, told the tribunal she was hopeful that the section could get the documents digitized and provided to Trump’s lawyers by aboriginal adjacent week, according to the AP.

Edelstein besides noted that the DOJ had fixed Trump’s ineligible squad a database of 5 vendors approved by the authorities for the purposes of scanning, hosting and different processing the seized records.

Dearie told Trump’s lawyers to hold connected a vendor this week, according to The New York Times.

Trump’s lawyers argued successful a abstracted filing connected Tuesday that the Justice Department had not proved that the records remained classified.

“In the lawsuit of idiosyncratic who has been president of the United States, they person unfettered entree on with unfettered declassification authority,” James Trusty, 1 of Trump’s lawyers, said Tuesday.

Dearie reminded the lawyers that they were the ones with the load of establishing the erstwhile president’s close to alleviation ― not the Department of Justice.

Dearie’s barroom comments gave galore Twitter users nutrient for thought.

He said “I conjecture my presumption of it is that you can’t person your barroom and devour it“.

In different words, that’s good if Donald Trump‘s lawyers don’t privation to contiguous grounds of classification astatine this juncture, but past Dearie would look astatine them arsenic classified documents.

— Jennifer Taub 🌻 🇺🇸 (@jentaub) September 20, 2022

Don't look present but a justice showed up contiguous successful the MAL matter-- Special Master Raymond Dearie, who enactment an extremity to Trump's foolishness astir "maybe helium declassified" by saying you can't person your barroom and devour it too. Looking guardant to discussing connected @DonLemonTonight astatine 11 PM ET.

— Harry Litman (@harrylitman) September 20, 2022

JUDGE DEARIE: You can't person your barroom and devour it too.
TRUMP: I ne'er declassified the barroom and the FBI planted it. If this feline doesn't springiness maine my cake, determination volition beryllium occupation the likes nary bakery has ever seen.

— Mr. Newberger (@jeremynewberger) September 20, 2022
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