State GOP Leader Rants About Biden Destroying America With… Mass Vaccinations

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Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton (R) was taken to task connected Thursday for a questionable assertion astir however President Joe Biden has ruined America.

Sexton tweeted a database of what helium believes person been Biden’s failures successful office.

And “mass vaccinations” was among them. That would beryllium Biden’s propulsion to inoculate Americans against COVID-19. Studies amusement the coronavirus vaccines person saved hundreds of thousands of lives and prevented much than 1 cardinal hospitalizations.

See the tweet here:

Some thought it would instrumentality @POTUS 4 years to destruct America. Instead, he’s done it successful conscionable 10 months - strengthened our enemies, porous borders, skyrocketing inflation, immense spending, monolithic debt, elephantine taxation increases, & wide vaccinations! #BidensNewAmerica

— Speaker Cameron Sexton (@CSexton25) November 4, 2021

Critics jabbed Sexton, who opposes vaccine and school disguise mandates, for the outlandish claim.

What a wholly idiotic and unserious person. If determination was existent justness successful this satellite helium would beryllium mocked from the heavens. Alas.

— elimfcashmeoutside (@elimfcash) November 5, 2021

Wait. What's incorrect with the wide vaccinations part?

— Gregory Hazelwood (@GregoryHazelwo2) November 4, 2021

Mass vaccinations are the issue?

— Jake World Series Champs Plunk (@jakedplunkett) November 5, 2021
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