Stephen Colbert Flags Hilarious Text That 'Jumped Out' From Jan. 6 Hearing

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Stephen Colbert noticed a substance during Tuesday’s Jan. 6 committee proceeding that seemed similar an awfully casual mode to commencement a chat astir an attempted coup.

The House committee investigating the U.S. Capitol onslaught presented grounds that showed Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) wanted to hand-deliver slates of fake electors to Vice President Mike Pence during the certification of the 2020 predetermination results connected January 6, 2021.

Pence adjutant Chris Hodgson wrote “Sup?” to Johnson staffer Sean Riley conscionable aft noon connected Jan. 6 with Riley responding that helium needed to “hand thing to VPOTUS.” When asked what it was, Riley said it was alternate slates of electors for Wisconsin and Michigan.

“But what jumped retired to maine erstwhile I saw it this day was that the treasonous substance concatenation started simply with ‘Sup?’” Colbert said. “Sup? Pretty chill mode to overthrow democracy. ‘Sup?’ ‘OMG Let’s totes spot altern8 electors for the lolz!’”

Pence’s bureau yet refused to comply with the demands of erstwhile President Donald Trump and his allies to assistance them overturn the election, and a mob went connected to besiege Congress successful an effort to halt the certification of the results, with immoderate of its members chanting for Pence to beryllium hung.

Watch Colbert’s roast below:

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